Braquenié, Styles and Origins: Louis XV-Style Fabrics



 Louis XV-Style Fabrics

The Louis XV style flourished in the decorative arts between 1720 and 1750. The fabrics of this period featured big flowers, asymmetrical shapes, exotic scenes or lace effects applied in sinuous strips combined with flowers. Strips of fur were a recurrent theme in fabrics. This phenomenon continued under the reign of Louis XVI.

The Braquenié design house was founded in 1824. From around 1840, the owners, who started out as humble tapestry and fabric merchants, began implementing an active policy of producing and creating exclusive designs. The cream of high society flocked to the Maison Braquenié in search of fabrics and tapestries whose distinctive style bore the hallmark of French classicism. From that time onwards, the spirit of the collections was to remain unchanged: harmonious colours, sophisticated style and graceful designs, with a few touches of exoticism provided by printed Indian fabrics or elements of Chinoiserie.

The Braquenié collection invites us to take a voyage of discovery through the ages, showcasing the art of French textiles from the Renaissance to the 19th century. 


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