Natecru wool II, an ethical and responsible department



With professional expertise and the success of its first NATECRU WOOLS I collection, Maison Pierre Frey launches NATECRU WOOLS II, a second collection that responds with brio to the first. Specialized in wool weaves, the Pierre Frey workshops in the north of France worked very closely with the Design Studio to develop a range of shades with inspiring textures. The collection evokes the nostalgia of the sixties with understatement and is designed for lovers of design icons, as well as contemporary influencers. It highlights this noble and universal material while emphasizing its incredible diversity. Carded and combed, with long fibers, wool offers comfortable prestige. Curled or brushed, it has surprising volume and softness while it envelops with warmth. Wicked or slubbed, it evokes hand-loomed weaves with rustic elegance. Irregular and sometimes agitated, it blends subtly with cotton or linen to make the most of a falsely primal look.




Sourcing is essential in order to meet dual commitment: quality and responsibility. As part of its Social and Environmental Responsibility plan, Maison Pierre Frey is taking action on specific points. First of all, it requires its partners to be able to trace the fibers they use. The baby alpaca comes, for examples, from Peru, the animal’s place of origin. Thus, the intermediate processing steps are limited and make it possible to process a first-class wool. The House also ensures that it uses wool from sectors that respect animal welfare. For example, Mohair comes from livestock farms in South Africa that meet very strict specifications. This aims to certify a fair remuneration for farmers and animals are treated properly. Finally, the Pierre Frey weaving workshop located in the North of France, in Montigny en Cambrésis, are labelled “EPV”, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, and stive to transmit excellent craft skills. The woven products are of high quality, desirable and durable.

In its development, La Maison Pierre Frey combines style with strong societal environmental commitments.

Margueroy - Tissage laine Ziggy 45 © DDemey

Margueroy - Tissage laine Ziggy 25 © DDemey

Margueroy - Tissage laine Ziggy 11  © DDemey


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Natecru wool II, an ethical and responsible department

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