Indian Summer, collection 2019


An eclectic collection with bright colours and precise drawings that take us on an enchanting journey. A perfect transcription of a luscious plant world punctuated by timeless stories…

Redimensionnement de PF_2019_DESIGNS_SUR_LE_NIL_TAMPA (2)

PF_2019_DESIGNS_AMBIANCE_MARTINIQUE_VOL_DOISEAUX_HPrinted fabrics represent a particular type of textile. Allowing the entire personality of a House to be expressed, they contribute to building the Pierre Frey identity from its foundation and continue, even today, to shape the creative and bold image of the House.


The principle of textile printing is the transfer of a design to a fabric support. We understand, then, why the process is very popular with Pierre Frey. Printed textiles alone represent 25% of the House’s fabric references. The process makes it possible to translate almost all artistic motifs and productions (shapes, sizes, colours) onto an almost unlimited choice of materials (technical fibres, cottons, percales, linens, velvet…). A total freedom at the service of Studio Pierre Frey, whose creative signature is immediately recognizable: a daring fantasy, powerful drawings, spectacular scales sometimes, an unconditional love for colour.

The quality and reputation of Pierre Frey prints therefore reside in the skillful combination of an ever-changing, protean and eclectic creation, but also thanks to old and innovative know-how which, once again, makes it possible to play with effects and render according to the different techniques used.

A beautiful print is born from the combination of two factors: the virtuosity of craftsmen who print in the service of an inspired passion.



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Indian Summer, collection 2019

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