Coquecigrues, a collection Christian Astuguevielle x Pierre Frey



An unclassifiable artist who freely expresses himself across many mediums, Christian Astuguevieille goes against the norm and delights in the confusion that can cause.  He has been honing his sensory and dreamlike work since the 1980’s, drawing inspiration from the symbols and rites of ancient civilizations in Asia and Oceania, influenced by the Japanese aesthetics to wrap everyday objects with rope or create his imaginary writing.


Patrick Frey has long yearned to create a collection with him. He appreciates his personality, his originality and his rigour. He also admires the constancy in his work and the original way he appropriates traditional French culture, his way of purifying it to modernize it while preserving its soul.

C. Astuguevieille 17 © DD

C. Astuguevieille 12 © DD


From their collaboration came the Coquecigrues collection, composed of nine fabrics and seven wallpapers, two of which are panoramic.

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7537

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7534

A true summary of Christian Astuguevieille’s style, here we find all his artistic codes: writing and imaginary animals, working with rope, his attachment to culture and his manner of appropriation, surrealism, collage, colour… The result is an unusual, joyful and playful collection, very coherent despite the great diversity of motifs and colours. It is a challenge to mix toile de Jouy, large stripes, and imaginary writing. Christian Astuguevieille was pleasantly surprised by the great freedom Patrick Frey granted him, not shying away from the audacity of the artist.

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7605

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7719

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7623

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7661

Jouy’s paintings from the archives of the Musée de la Toile de Jouy or Pierre Frey’s heritage collection, as well as the Etruscan engravings from an 18th century collection, have been enlarged, recoloured and “scribbled” with a thick brush and Chinese ink.



Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7577


Redimensionnement de Collection Astuguevieille 26 © DDemey

Collection Astuguevieille 22 © DDemey

Christian Astuguevieille’s original drawings have been carefully reproduced and recomposed to adapt to the constraints of painted fabrics and papers, without distorting his initial work. Finally, a weaving technique has been specially developed in Pierre Frey’s weaving workshop to interpret the work of the rope.

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7666

By bringing classical motifs of previous centuries up to date with an obvious modernity, Christian Astuguevieille has succeeded in diverting all the French art de vivre so dear to La Maison Pierre Frey from its original use… The artist’s leitmotif is to play with codes and periods.

Collection Astuguevieille 3 © DDemey

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7559


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