Exhibition AD Intérieurs 2019 – From September 4 to 22


Bearing the name of the magazine that designed it, and held in a private mansion, lhôtel particulier Coulanges in the Marais, the 10th edition coalesces under the theme of metamorphosis, allowing a wide audience to discover decors designed by the great interior architects of the moment. Each talent chosen embodies a strong current of contemporary decoration between minimalism, romanticism and exuberance. Each of them has been assigned a room where they express their style through the know-how of the partners who represent the jewel of French craftsmanship. For this edition, La Maison Pierre Frey is present in five decors that give pride of place to inventiveness, fantasy or classical rigor. Fabric is by nature a material that can be shaped as desired.

The proof in five white cards.

The neoclassical bathroom – Humbert and PoyetRedimensionnement de 03_190902_HUMBERT & POYET_ADINTERIEURS2019-5620HDS

Between Art Deco palace and Palladian villa, the bathroom designed by the agency presents a beautiful dichotomy between rigor and softness through the subtle choice of materials and shapes that complement and respond to each other. The green marble bathtub and the very sculptural brass shower-cage bring strength and vigor to this space while the Balthazar terra cotta velvet adds a touch of sensual color. By elegantly filtering the outside light, the Candice veil helps to create an ethereal atmosphere.

Redimensionnement de 2019_AD Intérieurs_Humbert et Poyet_Paris FR_03_T_PF_BALTHAZAR Redimensionnement de 2019_AD Intérieurs_Humbert et Poyet_Paris FR_01_T_PF_BALTHAZAR

The bar car for Orient-Express -Workshop Tristan Auer/ Wilson associatesRedimensionnement de 07_190902_AUER_ADINTERIEURS2019-5747HDS


This conversation is about travel and mixing. Inside and outside, past and future are intertwined in this hybrid space. The Empire green lacquered sheet metal wall panels evoke the mythical railway cars while the historic armchairs dating from 1920 or the carpet signed Suzanne Lalique refer to their interior layout. The colorful silks on the ceiling symbolize the rebirth of L’Orient-Express as a hotel brand that will inaugurate its first address in Bangkok in 2020.


Maison Pierre Frey is omnipresent in this décor, having provided many fabrics and custom-made furniture: a Tours canvas named Ingrid, woven in our workshops in northern France, covers the walls; a floral print where the Orient-Express logo plays hide and seek in the foliage; the Emilie and Colombia armchairs, made in our workshop in Villers-Cotterêts.

The arched office – Anne-Sophie Pailleret01B_190902_PAILLERET_ADINTERIEURS2019-5599HDS

Influenced by the melancholic surrealism of Giorgio De Chirico’s paintings, Anne-Sophie Pailleret designed a workspace dominated by the curve, present in the arches surrounded by wood along the walls and in the shape of the sculptural onyx desk. Raffia flooring, smoked larch windscreen, embossed leather ceiling tiles, and Pierre Frey velvet curtains create a textured and warm interior in brown shades, Sienna clay and cognac punctuated with touches of white, especially in the canvas cushions of Kenya Towers.

Redimensionnement de 2019_AD Intérieurs_Anne Sophie Pailleret_Paris FR_00_T_PF_MEDIUM_LM_KENYA Redimensionnement de 2019_AD Intérieurs_Anne Sophie Pailleret_Paris FR_02_T_PF_MEDIUM_LM_KENYA F3211023_MEDIUM 2019_AD Intérieurs_Anne Sophie Pailleret_Paris FR_09_T_PF_MEDIUM

The conservatory – Pierre Gonalons


Pierre Gonalons presents a graphic but poetic reinterpretation of the interior garden as conceived in the 19th century. Embossed wallpaper strips, a tile flooring combining checkers and cabochons as well as curtains of striped pearls structure the room. Pierre Frey fabrics add a figurative touch to the furniture designed by the interior designer himself. A happy mix between Art Deco geometry and a revisited 18th century.

Redimensionnement de B7643004_A_LA_TABLE_DU_ROI Redimensionnement de 2019_AD Intérieurs_Pierre Gonalons_Paris FR_05_T_BR_A LA TABLE DU ROI_AGLAE_PF_COLLOBRIERES Redimensionnement de 2019_AD Intérieurs_Pierre Gonalons_Paris FR_01_T_BR_A LA TABLE DU ROI_PF_COLLOBRIERES

Redimensionnement de B7631003_AGLAE Redimensionnement de 2019_AD Intérieurs_Pierre Gonalons_Paris FR_02_T_BR_AGLAE

A collector’s living room – Pierre-Yves Rochon


The decorator opts for a range of distinct colours, white, black in a graphic spirit to highlight a particular imaginary collection. An immaculate patina modernizes the design of the Art Deco woodwork decorated with bas-relief. On the large black Portor marble table is a selection of sculptures from various periods and styles. This taste for blends is also reflected in the use of pedestal tables from the Directoire period alongside iconic pieces of 20th century design and the Boniface sofa, which invites contemplation.

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