La Maison Pierre Frey and Paris Design Week, from September 5 to 14


In recent years, Paris design week has become the must-see cultural event of the season, presenting Paris under the prism of innovation. Artists, designers, galleries and others in the decoration industry present their creations during exhibitions, ephemeral or permanent installations. The main theme of this 9th edition is “Hybrid”. With a thousand interpretations, the visitor is encouraged to immerse himself in a variety of worlds. This theme is particularly appropriate for Pierre Frey as the eclecticism of their collections offers a plethora of transformations. The Maison eagerly participated by presenting its collaboration with Christian Astuguevieille in its right bank showroom and by contributing to various events in Paris.

An overview of a crazy week……

1 – Exhibition “Marbled – 14 Marble Designers” – Maison Dentsu –From September 7 to 14


Starting from the old expression of the French language “Il est bien marbré(e)” used to describe a person who could be described as original, curator Thomas Erber invited 14 designers, decorators or architects including Tristan Auer, Isabelle Stanislas, Ora Ito, Franklin Azzi, Mathias Kiss, Florence Louisy, to name a few, to present their exclusive marble pieces. The strong personality of each participant and the extraordinary know-how required by this material generate unique pieces in which eccentricity only reflects the excellence of the implementation.

Pierre Frey participated in this exercise by presenting the vinyl wall covering designed by Mathias Kiss, Portor, available in 5 colours. Used to set the rhythm of the scenography, this trompe-l’oeil is played with facetiousness of our perception of this noble material and elegantly blurs the lines between truth and false pretenses.

Redimensionnement de FP447004_PORTOR FP447003 PORTOR NOIR a shooter

1 2

Redimensionnement de FP447006_PORTOR Redimensionnement de FP447005_PORTOR

2- Maison & Object – 06 – 10 September 2019

Redimensionnement de MaisonetObjet2019-02

As creator of the year, interior designer and designer Laura Gonzalez has taken over the signature café at the show. Through a superb staging, she presents her new line of furniture. In a decor with shapes, colours and materials that only the architect could combine, the know-how of Pierre Frey’s house is highlighted in a space where the atmosphere mixes the rounded shapes of the furniture pieces and the bright colours of the Braquenié fabrics as well as a wallpaper created especially for this key event in decoration.

Redimensionnement de MaisonetObjet2019-03 B7643004_A_LA_TABLE_DU_ROI

Wherever the eye settles, something happens, as the designer likes to say.


Redimensionnement de MaisonetObjet2019-05

Redimensionnement de MaisonetObjet2019-04

3- Pierre Frey – showroom window on the right bank

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7598

“Hybrid” is the main theme of this 9th edition of the Paris design week. The collaboration between Pierre Frey and the artist Christian Astuguevielle is a perfect illustration of this with the launch of a collection where the past and present inextricably linked gives life to original fabrics and wallpapers. The artist used old Jouy paintings as a support on which he came to paint signs, a real pictorial language. The striking contrast between this contemporary artistic writing, abstract with thick lines, created in India ink and the meticulous 18th century motifs printed on a wooden plate or copper plate is the highlight of a de-complexed decoration.

Redimensionnement de FP569001_LES_COQUECIGRUES Multicolore Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7559

The shells, 18th century chimeras invented by Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, chosen by Christian Astuguevieille, show us how timeless the theme of transformation is and continues to stimulate our imagination.

Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7620 Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7577 Collection Astuguevieille 22 -® DDemey F3374001_TOTEM F3374001_TOTEM-plissé Redimensionnement de Frey x Astuguevieille7666

4- Exhibition AD indoor 2019 – From September 4 to 22 – To be continued in a future article….

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