Pierre Frey has a date with History / 3 – Chateau de Chambord – France


Living at the court of Francis I !


The chateau wanted to put King François I, Chambord’s sponsor, back in the centre of the visit and restore the itinerant atmosphere of the court at the time.
Until 1682, when the king settled in Versailles, the monarch was a nomad, moving from one royal residence to another. The Royal Stewardship was responsible for providing and transporting furniture, tapestries and textiles of all kinds.
What could be more natural, then, than to apply fabrics to the walls and replace period furniture to recreate the monarch’s living environment at that time?  The visitor gets the unique experience of becoming the king’s guest.

François 1er

Following an earlier successful collaboration with the Louvre Museum, Jacques Garcia, patron of the new decor, again came to Pierre Frey to supply the fabrics found in the entrance to the castle and the theatre.

photo 1 chambord

The entrance to the castle evokes the life of the court during the Renaissance. At that time, the walls were covered with carved velvet and silk damask. Due to current safety standards, the silks have been replaced with fireproof fabrics and Pierre Frey has printed designs from the time on fireproof velvet. Sixteen panels with a height of 5.50m, alternating in vertical stripes, were made.
Thus, the original spirit is recreated through the choice of designs and the plushness of the velvet.

Jacques GARCIA Décoration _ Théâtre- RENDU2019

The Sun King resides in Chambord on several occasions. His stays are an opportunity for great hunting and entertainment. Molière first presented two of his famous comedies here: The Bourgeois gentleman and Monsieur de Pourceaugnac.

théatre Chambord

In the theatre, the stage and its curtain feature a lily pattern fabric and a coordinated jasper plain. In trompe l’oeil, a lampas from the late 17th century, with a gold thread decoration on a jaspered background was printed on a fireproof satin.

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