Lys et Narguilé 1 DD

A diptyque x pierre frey collaboration

The famous fragrance house diptyque has collaborated with the fabric creator Pierre Frey to stage its collection of fourty-nine scented candles.

This meeting echoes the origins of diptyque. At the time, each candle was paired with a particular textile that graphically evoked the fragrance and its universe. Today, diptyque returns to this original concept by choosing the ideal motif for each of its scented candles from among Pierre Frey’s archival and current collections of fabrics and wallpapers.


_AET5134 Muguet



At diptyque, all the senses are awakened. The house has fun combining motifs and scents but also mingling scents between them. This playful process of association and correspondence originated in 1963 by the three creators who composed their own olfactory landscape around their first fragrances Hawthorn, Cinnamon and Tea. They lit the candles in pairs and mixed them at will. To enhance the duos of scents and the play of their association, diptyque created five limited edition boxes decorated with Pierre Frey’s creations.



The diptyque x pierre frey boxes


The Arty and Heather prints chosen for Roses and Jasmin evoke the petal throws during the floral festivals in the South of France. We can imagine the scents of Violet ink and of the Leather of an artist’s pouch in the association of a flower field drawing with a graphic and masculine motif. The warm and woody scent of Sandalwood  blends with the green and heady accents of Tuberose in a mild tropical atmosphere. Cypress and Fig tree fragrances are depicted through watercoloured motifs with green and woody accents mixed with the blues of the sea, echoing the landscapes of the Mediterranean.

DIPTYQUE-Coffret de face CYPRES ET FIGUIER-RVB-BD Santal  Tubéreuse 1 DDDIPTYQUE-Coffret de dessus ROSE ET JASMIN-RVB-BDCuir Violette 2 DD

At last, the two new creations of diptyque, Lily and Narguile, are associated with a black and white archival drawing from Pierre Frey, whose graphics evoke the long pistils of the freshly cut white flower, and the print on linen 1920, with its spicy shades and circular patterns suggesting the honeyed smell and scrolls of tobacco. Combined together, these two candles tell a different story and transport us to the twilight, in the heart of an oriental garden…




Thus, the scents are reinvented through combinations and bring back precious memories and magical moments, thanks to the power of scents on memory.

Like fabrics or wallpapers, candles decorate the rooms of the house with scents and offer through the sense of smell and look an escape to a sublimated elsewhere.

images ©Diptyque ©Pierre Frey

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