BRAQUENIÉ or age-old nobility


“This is Braquenié!” say the experts. A short sentence that says a lot about the prestige of this name. This historic house, founded in 1824, embodies the very spirit of French classicism.

Braquenié, known for its Indian fabrics, cottons, toiles de Jouy, carpets and mats that are unique in the world with strands knotted by hand, has always been wherever ‘art de vivre’ reigns: the Louvre, Chambord, the Vatican, all the courts of Europe under Napoléon III, Victor Hugo’s home… and still regularly nowadays, many character hotels and plush private residences.

Braquenié, these inescapable patterns from the 18th and 19th century in France joined the Pierre Frey group in 1991.

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