When Versailles was furnished in silver…


A unique exhibition took place at the Versailles Palace early 2008. An exhibition evoking the splendour of the Sun King’s court when the Palace of Versailles was furnished in silver. The original furniture for the State Apartments was made of solid silver by the greatest silversmiths of the time and unimaginably luxurious. Tables, seating, mirrors, chandeliers, torchères and candelabra, vases and perfume burners as tall as men, made a lasting impression on all who saw them, as much through the profusion and sparkle of the precious metal as through the excellence of the craftsmanship. Yet their existence was short-lived for the King found himself obliged to have it all melted down in 1689 to finance the war.

Pierre Frey has been working in collaboration with the interior designer Jacques Garcia to weave all the fabrics needed for this very special occasion.

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