by architect-decorator
Michael Malapert

CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_00_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula

At Grands Boulevards, CIN CIN is a radiant and acidulated canteen where pasta and pizze are queens.
Michael Malapert, the interior architect and decorator, confesses to IDEAT Magazine that the place is inspired by the Italian seaside resorts of the 70′s, the blinds of its ice cream stores, the parasols of its beaches… A light and joyful Italy légère et joyeuse, a wind of freshness with summer notes
. His choices in terms of furniture are welcoming : round and generous shapes are found in the seatings, lightings, alcoves… The cozy atmosphere is however livened up with pop colours, bright and spicy, especially on walls punctuated with graphic lines. The PAOLO mango and cactus fabrics bring a dynamic semi-plain, a micro-pattern that animates the surface of the seats and echoes to the stripes in a smaller scale. The Cin Cin restaurant brights.

CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_01_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé GozulaCIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_04_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula-leg


« It is not only about being beautiful in a classical sense, it is more about being visually impacting ! »  Michael Malapert

CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_02_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula


CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_03_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula-leg

“Paolo” cactus & mango, semi-plain fabric 

> Cin Cin. 9, boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 Paris.

Image ©Hervé Gozula

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