An Alcove in Le Manach by Brooke Crew Interiors


Brooke Crew Interiors_USA_T-LM-Taraz_00_©Alan BarrylegV

A beautiful alcove covered with the iconic Le Manach print “Taraz”

For the high-end interior design Fair Rooms with a View in Southport, Connecticut, the American studio Brooke Crew Interiors designed a beautiful alcove in collaboration with Sarah Kaplan, giving a warm, oriental and mesmerizing atmosphere. 

The event gave a free 6 by 8 space to the selected decorators. For this 24th edition, the theme was “Gather Together”.


Brooke Crew Interiors_USA_T-LM-Taraz_00_©Alan Barryleg


A l’image d’un petit boudoir, canapé de velours à franges aux matelas rebondis et fauteuils anciens, l’atmosphère du lieu se veut enveloppante. Les murs sont entièrement tapissés de l’imprimé sur coton iconique Le Manach “Taraz”, dans ses nouvelles colorations éditées par la Maison Pierre Frey en Septembre dernier. Le motif se retrouve sur les abats-jours et coussins tandis que l’on observe également une autre des références phares de Le Manach au travers de l’imprimé “Mikado” arboré en coussin trônant sur le canapé. Like a little boudoir, velvet sofa with fringes and bouncy mattresses are associated with antique armchairs into an enveloping atmosphere. The walls are entirely covered with the iconic Le Manach print on cotton “Taraz”, in its new colorations edited by Pierre Frey last September. The motif is also found on the lampshades and cushions while we observe another of the famous references of Le Manach through the print called “Mikado”, displayed as cushion on the couch.


Brooke Crew Interiors_USA_T-LM-Taraz_01_©Alan Barryleg

The whole has a true coherence. The interior gives a pronounced style, offering a XVIIIth century mood but staying very contemporary thanks to the shimmering colours. The place celebrates the beauty of noble materials and shows a precise attention given to every detail. 

“Decorate is not a look, it is a point of view – Albert Hadley (founder of Rooms with a View)


Brooke Crew Interiors_USA_T-LM-Taraz_02_©Alan Barryleg

Brooke Crew Interiors_USA_T-LM-Taraz_02_©Alan Barryleg2


Images ©Alan Barry

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