Several unique designs of rugs and carpets have been created by our studio to go with the 2019 new Fabric and Wallpaper Collections from Pierre Frey, Braquenié and Boussac.
Discover them ! 

La Maison Pierre Frey designs custom-made rugs and carpets for your needs. From adapting our own motifs in the right techniques and dimensions according to your needs to conceiving exclusive new designs especially for your projects, our rugs and carpets are only produced on request.



PF MIXandMATCHlegmix and match of “Tribu” rugs and carpets 
Pierre Frey PP1162legHissa rug
Pierre Frey PP1165legHissa rug detail
PF plissélegMaliha, Panya, Ama, Dajan
Pierre Frey PP1176legHawa rug
Pierre Frey PP1184legHawa rug detail




Tapis Fever Plan Large VlegFever rug
Gros Plan Tapie Fever VFever rug detail
BOUSSAC MIXandMATCH1legMix and match of “Imagine” rugs and carpets
BOUSSAC plissélegWinds carpet, Joy and Tempo rugs





18PF2046-PEKIN-YD-23Fleurs de Pékin rug, detail
18PF2046-PEKIN-YD-19Fleurs de Pékin rug
BRAQUENIE MIXandMATCHlegMix and match of “Comptoir d’Orient” rugs and carpets
BRAQUENIE plissé2legJaipur and Bangalore rugs, Marigny carpet
TAPIS-BANGALORE-YD-12Bangalore rug
TAPIS-BANGALORE-YD-25Bangalore rug, detail
MOQUETTE-LOSANGE-YD-42Aristote carpet
MOQUETTE-LOSANGE-YD-55Aristote carpet, detail


Images by Philippe Garcia (Pierre Frey), Romain Ricard (Boussac), Yves Duronsoy (Braquenié)

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