T42019 New Wallpaper Collection




The RITUEL is inspired by South Africa.  In the bush, the N’debele people developed non-figurative art based on colored geometric motifs. These motifs are displayed on the outside walls of their houses, thus delivering a strong and powerful message that contrasts strongly with the landscape. This graphic art, the main vector of their identity, is the prerogative of women.


Seduced by this double characteristic, la Maison Pierre Frey wishes to write a pictorial language in adequacy with our lifestyles. With complete freedom of interpretation, this collection plays on different rhythms and associations of contrasting colors.

It is composed of wallpapers with various printing techniques such as traditional printing on non-woven and cork, wide width digital printing, lacquer or matte paint. 


Pierre Frey PP0796legADAMAS


The  RITUEL wallpaper collection, with its exclusive designs, blends in with the fabrics of the TRIBU collection.

Together, these collections demonstrate the universality of graphic forms. 


Pierre Frey PP0866legNEO


Pierre Frey PP1001-02legNDEBELE


Pierre Frey PP0913legSWAHILI GRAND

Pierre Frey PP1129-02legAYO


Pierre Frey PP0963legWATSONIA


Pierre Frey PP0783legADAMAS


Pierre Frey PP1110legVAHINE




Pierre Frey PP0972legJALAPAO


Pierre Frey PP0893legSWAHILI PETIT

Pierre Frey PP0733legPRETORIA


Pierre Frey PP0848legMIA


Pierre Frey PP1082legPACHIRA

Style by Sarah de Beaumont, Images by Philippe Garcia
Pierre Frey 2019


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