Christmas Special : Gold & Silver


La Maison Pierre Frey Archives : 
Gold & Silver…IMG_4643


To celebrate the brilliant character of our end-of-year festivities, we offer you a dive into the precious treasures of our Archives Department
Lampas embroidered with metallic threads, gold threads, silver yarns, shiny silks, motifs of garlands and bouquet flowers, exceptional Art Deco dress … Sparkling marvels of our past times!

IMG_4652Original document original from Carlotta – Brocart used for a chape – 18th century



IMG_4733 IMG_4740





IMG_4756 IMG_4754Lampas broché, Flowers and Vegetal Garlands- circa 1750-1760
Archive_Lampas broché_Décor à la dentelle_Début 18e siècle_04Lampas broché, Lace Decor, early 18th century
Archive_Lampas broche - soie et argent - mi 18e s_04
Lampas broché, silk and sivler – middle 18th century


Art Déco Dress, circa 1920 - Gaze decorated with clip-on metal sheets


©La Maison Pierre Frey

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