The new Carine Gilson‘s flagship store by David/Nicolas honors Pierre Frey’s wallpaper and fabrics

Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_00_T-_©Frederik Vercruysseleg


The duo David/Nicolas sign the first flagship of the luxury lingery brand Carine Gilson.

Famous for their high end custom-made interiors and furniture, the Lebanese duo David/Nicolas inaugurates their first flagship store for the luxury lingery brand Carine Gilson in Brussels. The designers have conceived a contemporary boudoir, finely finished in order to embody the sophisticated delicacy of the underwear collections of the Belgian designer. The space surrounds man with a soft and intimate sensation which is extremely refined thanks to the choice of the materials. The polished shine of brass, the elegance of marble and the warmth of wood come to match the subtlety of  the silk wallcovering “Zia” and the haptic light of the “Medium” velvets blush and celadon which upholster the furniture pieces. The store is sensual and tactile as the delicate, silky and satiny clothes it represents. Elegant and feminine, the place pays tribute to the beautiful and thin laces.


Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_01_T-_ ©Frederik Vercruysse

This timeless and ultra-sophisticated project is a tribute to la Maison Pierre Frey and its products : the pearl grey wallcovering “ZIA” brings a soft atmosphere with the neutral tone of its silk pannels.  The velvets “Medium” blush and celadon embody the color palette, which is very nude and natural. They give a comfortable softness to the space with their skin’s touch, emphasizing the intimacy and sensoriality of the lingery store.

Thought down to the smallest detail, the place is marked by a recurring decorative element, a specially created emblem found in the details of furniture finishes or in the design of the handles. It is a stylized brass wing carved with infinite precision by a precious goldsmith workshop in Italy.


Medium blush and celadon

Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_02_T-PF-MEDIUM Celadon_©F VercruysselegCarine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_04_PP-PF-ZIA Galet_©Frederik VercruysseCarine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_05_PP-PF-ZIA Galet_©Frederik Vercruysse

Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_03_PP-PF-ZIA Galet_©Frederik Vercruysse


image (c)Frederik Verkruysse
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