The fantastic Saint Joseph’s Arts Society by Ken Fulk


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The famous American decorator Ken Fulk is renowned for his luxurious, always incredible projects. The Virginia-born creator has built his reputation by his concept of designing “experiences“, from exuberant interiors to unforgettable events.

 The launch of the Saint Joseph’s Arts Society is marking a step in Ken Fulk’s engagement to offer rarefied experiences. The decorator has given birth to a huge and versatile space totally dedicated to the community  of Arts lovers. The place includes library, exhibition spaces, settings for performances, coffee/cocktail bar and private salons offering VIP lounge access. The concept is simple : the access is open to subscribers and their invited artists. Those last ones have to contribute with their creative participation while being exempt of fees.

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Added to this incredible place is the fact that St. Joseph’s Arts Society is housed in a 22,000-square-foot National Landmark church in the heart of San Francisco. Founded in 1861, this religious architecture was abandoned after the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989. The decrepit building has been bought by Ken Fulk and two other partners, thus completely restored according to its Romanesque history and preserving its original character. A freestanding steel mezzanine has been constructed independently and offers 9,000 square feet more to the church.

All Saint Joseph’s upholstery and drapery has been made with La Maison Pierre Frey fabrics, including 600 yards of the iconic “Grand Corail” handprinted linen to enclose the private salons in the heart of the church, giving its identity to the space.

Saint Joseph’s Arts Society is a place of constant celebration for fine art, design, food, fashion, literature and performance. The place offers multi-disciplinary arts programming, performances, immersive dinners as well as a collectible design gallery and curated retail experiences.

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