The Snake, symbol of the new capsule collection with Victoria-Maria Geyer



Les Venimeuses

a capsule collection with the Belgian interior designer Victoria-Maria Geyer

The Belgian decorator Victoria-Maria Geyer is an inveterate lover of fabrics, materials and ornamentation. She is also an unconditional fan of The House of Pierre Frey, the fabric editor, who’s eclectic collections she often uses on her projects across Europe. It is therefore very natural that she would choose to present her sketches -fruits of her overflowing creativity- to Patrick Frey, artistic director of the House of Pierre Frey and historically known for working closely with artists. Immediately seduced by the motifs of snakes, a subject not often seen in the world of decoration, he agrees to edit them.


a daring collection

Working on a collection around the snake is a daring but thoughtful choice of Victoria-Maria Geyer who appreciates the symbolic. An innate femininity and a mystical power surround this animal, which has long seduced the worlds of fashion and jewelry. The serpent intrigues by its curves and fascinates as much as it is feared.

VM_FREY56637 1B



The collection consists of two designs declined in rust, night blue or «gun cannon», a range of colors dear to the decorator. One, in the spirit of the 18th century engraved animal planks, is made up of three snakes embroidered on a thick linen canvas.

Redimensionnement de F3344001_VENIMEUSESVM_FREY56745

The second is made up of Ouroboros, snakes biting their tail, a very ancient symbol representing the eternal cycle of life, self-fertilization and the fact of finding in oneself its own creativity. Hypnotic, printed in all-over, it exists in fabric and wallpaper.

Redimensionnement de F3343001_OROBOUROSVM_FREY56682 2

As Patrick Frey likes to repeat and Victoria-Maria will not deny, «creating means daring». With this collection, let’s dare to give back to the serpent its letters of nobility!


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Les Venimeuses, capsule collection La Maison Pierre Frey x Victoria-Maria Geyer, september 2018


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