Galerie, the first panoramic wallpapers collection


galerie titre

ALOE_H11. Aloe

collection n.1 : Panoramics

Inspired by a passion for art, the Maison Pierre Frey created its very first collection of panoramic wallpapers: GALERIE. True works of art, these panoramics can be repeated infinitely to give the drawings exceptional proportion. From the contemporary canvas to the Portuguese azulejos, all are drawn by hand and come either from the creativity of our studio or from artists dear to the Maison. Varied, daring and limitless, GALERIE sublimates the walls and opens the door to another dimension.

2. Karma
PIERRE_FREY_Tarano_02_Panoramiques_Galerie_2018_b©Philippe.Garcialegjpg3. Tarrano
FOND MARIN_H4. Fond Marin

PADANG PADANG_H6. Padang padang


LA SERRE_V7. La Serre
LA CONSTELLATION_V8. La Constellation
JARDIN D'EDEN_H9. Jardin d’Eden
LISBOA_H10. Lisboa
ACORUS_V11. Accorus
LES ROCHEUSES_H12. Les Rocheuses
L'ESTEREL_H113. L’Esterel
LA CIBLE D'AMOUR_V14. La Cible d’Amour


image : Philippe Garcia

style : Sarah de Beaumont

Galerie, panoramic wallpapers collection, La Maison Pierre Frey, september 2018


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