From June 28th to July 1st this year was the third edition of the Interior Architecture Design Parade Festival organized by the Villa Noailles in Toulon. During a month, an old bishopric in ruins has been entirely renovated by the 10 candidates to the competition. Each of them invested then a room to propose an exclusive and singular decor. Several projects have solicited the House of Pierre Frey as partners for the fabrics in their set designs.

Therefore, among the 3 different awards given by the Festival, 2 of them have been featuring one or more references from our House in talented and fabulous ways. This third edition of the Interior Architecture Design Parade Festival, amazing, impacting, successful, signs a promising new generation for the decorators of tomorrow!


The First Price (ex-æquo)

Kim Haddou &Florent Dufourcq, “Giotto”

It is a library / reading room that the duo has conceived. Poetic, light and delicate, the space breathes. The “Colibri” curtains give a soft light. The most important piece of the room is the library, niches dug out of the wall that the owner has to excavate to place the objects and books collected over the years, “thus modeling with his hands the case of his memory” conclude the architects.


drawing of the project 

Kim Haddou Florent Duffourcq1 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018

 Pierre Frey “colibri” curtains


The Special Mention Eyes On Talent x Frame magazine

Bérangère Botti & Sophie Genestoux, “En Trompe-l’Oeil”

It is a meditation space “with enigmatic depths” imagined by the two architects. Located away from other rooms, on the ground floor, the place soothes by its apparent stripping. Tiles of white enamel from the ground to the walls, it is necessary to penetrate to realize that a second space calls the gaze beyond the arches which draw on the ground opaque shadows. This trompe-l’oeil suddenly offers a rich and deep horizon to contemplate, dark blue, with random glimmers. The wild silk curtain Albertine and silk Eco placed on the Daybed bring touches of brilliance or roughness in a subtle space in the smallest detail and extremely refined.

Berengere Botti Sophie Genestou 7 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018leg

 Pierre Frey “Albertine” silk curtains
Berengere Botti Sophie Genestou20 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018Eco” Fadini Borghi on the Daybed


Lucas Djaou, “A l’heure de la sieste”

The space of the young Lucas Djaou is a place where it is good to be. Warm, it is the crossing of meetings and collections of the architect according to his travels. It is a place of culture “where to feed the beauties of the world”. Lucas Djaou has thus collaborated with many artists and craftsmen around the world to give birth to this room, made up of an entrance part with bright orange walls, place of exchanges and dialogues, and a more dark and recessed where a daybed invites to laze. With mischief, the architect has taken advantage of the large color variation offered by the linen “Cheyenne”, making cushions that bring a cheerfulness to the room.


drawing of the project by Lucas Djaou
Lucas Djaou16 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018leg
 ”cheyenne” linen for the cushions

Images ©Lothaire Hucki for the Villa Noailles


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