For this new edition of AD Interiors, the decoration rendez-vous organized by the magazine AD in Paris, the theme is “Rough and precious”. The event aims to promote the best talents of contemporary decoration. This year, it presents a selection of 15 agencies from the youngest to the most confirmed. The exhibition draws its richness from the gathering of varied styles: from minimalism to classical or baroque to the most conceptual or arty, all are the facets of our time. Four of these groups of interior designers have asked the Maison Pierre Frey to participate in their “carte blanche” to design very unique rooms.

From September 5th to 23th, at Hôtel de la Bûcherie 15, rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris.


Oito Emponto

A custom-made rug and the marbled jacquard weaving “Marmo”, icon of the latest Galatea collection by Fadini Borghi 

AD Intérieurs_2018 _OitoEmponto_© Jérôme Galland_lightAD Intérieurs_2018 _OitoEmponto_© Jérôme Galland_7light


Laura Gonzalez, Agence Pravda Arkitect

A printed velvet realized on request from the drawing of the decorator to create the curtains of this large space.

474A4284light 474A4241light

Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman

An incredible and very unique wallpaper, especially conceived and produced for the needs of the two designers’s room. The funny “monsters” pattern cover both the ceiling and the walls.

©Marie Desmarquest 7light

©Marie Desmarquest 6light

Humbert & Poyet

Toiles de Tours weavings, velvets and the very new “Yeti” wool upholster the space of the decorators, from the wooden screen to the seats.

HP_AD_ 20_FAlight HP_AD_ 3_FAlight


Oito Emponto : ©Jérôme Galland
Laura Gonzalez – Pravda Arkitect :©Matthieu Salvaing
Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman : ©Marie Desmarquest
Humbert & Poyet : ©Francis Amiand

The Snake, symbol of the new capsule collection with Victoria-Maria Geyer



Les Venimeuses

a capsule collection with the Belgian interior designer Victoria-Maria Geyer

The Belgian decorator Victoria-Maria Geyer is an inveterate lover of fabrics, materials and ornamentation. She is also an unconditional fan of The House of Pierre Frey, the fabric editor, who’s eclectic collections she often uses on her projects across Europe. It is therefore very natural that she would choose to present her sketches -fruits of her overflowing creativity- to Patrick Frey, artistic director of the House of Pierre Frey and historically known for working closely with artists. Immediately seduced by the motifs of snakes, a subject not often seen in the world of decoration, he agrees to edit them.


a daring collection

Working on a collection around the snake is a daring but thoughtful choice of Victoria-Maria Geyer who appreciates the symbolic. An innate femininity and a mystical power surround this animal, which has long seduced the worlds of fashion and jewelry. The serpent intrigues by its curves and fascinates as much as it is feared.

VM_FREY56637 1B



The collection consists of two designs declined in rust, night blue or «gun cannon», a range of colors dear to the decorator. One, in the spirit of the 18th century engraved animal planks, is made up of three snakes embroidered on a thick linen canvas.

Redimensionnement de F3344001_VENIMEUSESVM_FREY56745

The second is made up of Ouroboros, snakes biting their tail, a very ancient symbol representing the eternal cycle of life, self-fertilization and the fact of finding in oneself its own creativity. Hypnotic, printed in all-over, it exists in fabric and wallpaper.

Redimensionnement de F3343001_OROBOUROSVM_FREY56682 2

As Patrick Frey likes to repeat and Victoria-Maria will not deny, «creating means daring». With this collection, let’s dare to give back to the serpent its letters of nobility!


IMG_0317legRedimensionnement de F3344002_VENIMEUSES

Les Venimeuses, capsule collection La Maison Pierre Frey x Victoria-Maria Geyer, september 2018


The new Natecru collection, a focus on wide-width fabrics


Natecru, a wide range of wide-width and very refined fabrics 


With the new NATECRU collection, Pierre Frey proposes an exercise in style by voluntarily restricting color palettes. After Natecru linen, Natecru wool and Natecru silk, this new collection focuses on wide width fabrics (approximately three meters wide).


Natural materials like linen or cotton are highlighted, and Trevira CS fabrics with an amazingly natural look complete the collection. A variety of weaves and embroideries makes for a broad selection of looks ranging from raw and rustic to sophisticated, contemporary and timeless. Whether evanescent, dense or structured, these fabrics mark a break with preconceived notions.



This collection, which includes intricate sheers, plains, delicate piqués and jacquards with striped, geometric or more traditional patterns, is a new take on wide-width fabrics and offers a broad range of materials and textures.







New Prints !


September : new prints !

This September sees the launching of various new prints in the collections of the House, strong, colourful and unique, to sublimate your interiors.

Asian and zen ambiance is given by Kyoto, a watercolor pattern… 

F3335001_KYOTO F3335001_KYOTO_rideau

Cocorico brings a strong and figurative drawing which is almost abstract with the assumed diffuse gesture of the paint stroke.

F3336001_COCORICO F3336001_COCORICO_rideau


The somptuous print Les Rocheuses makes you travel in a landscape of rocks and waterfalls where the eye is lost in the details…




Subtile and delicate are the touches of NuancesF3338001_NUANCES_rideau



Taraz, Le Manach iconic archive, now exists in 3 colors… 

TARAZ 23L4560001_TARAZ_rideauTARAZ 1

Yeti & Malou, exceptional wool



Malou and Yeti,
two new woven wools and a wide range of colors

Woven in the Pierre Frey mills in northern France, YETI and MALOU form a magnificent duo that highlight the expertise of the craftsmen and the workshop in the weaving of wool yarns.  Noble and natural materials, wools are categorically defined according to the coats of the animals from which they come, their selection and the climate where the herds graze. Yarns are very technical to weave and require material adaptations and precise know-how. Depending on whether they are carded or combed, the yarn flakes are more or less prominent, the appearance of the yarn more or less smooth and dry or, on the contrary, woolly and furry. YETI and MALOU complement each other and present 2 exceptional weavings of randomly embossed, mottled yarns, with long and sensual fibers.

Yeti, created in a 70′s spirit, is a plain wool, mohair and long-haired alpaca, ideal for upholstery. 

Malou offers a contemporary texture with retro colors and blends alpaca, wool and mohair.

PF_2018_MALOU_450_PF450MESTlegMalou châtaigne
PF_2018_MALOU_MATTHIEU_TB003legMalou abeille
PF_2018_YETI_477 PF477POST VlegYeti sous-bois

Images : Anne-Emmanuelle Thion, Philippe Garcia

Galerie, the first panoramic wallpapers collection


galerie titre

ALOE_H11. Aloe

collection n.1 : Panoramics

Inspired by a passion for art, the Maison Pierre Frey created its very first collection of panoramic wallpapers: GALERIE. True works of art, these panoramics can be repeated infinitely to give the drawings exceptional proportion. From the contemporary canvas to the Portuguese azulejos, all are drawn by hand and come either from the creativity of our studio or from artists dear to the Maison. Varied, daring and limitless, GALERIE sublimates the walls and opens the door to another dimension.

2. Karma
PIERRE_FREY_Tarano_02_Panoramiques_Galerie_2018_b©Philippe.Garcialegjpg3. Tarrano
FOND MARIN_H4. Fond Marin

PADANG PADANG_H6. Padang padang


LA SERRE_V7. La Serre
LA CONSTELLATION_V8. La Constellation
JARDIN D'EDEN_H9. Jardin d’Eden
LISBOA_H10. Lisboa
ACORUS_V11. Accorus
LES ROCHEUSES_H12. Les Rocheuses
L'ESTEREL_H113. L’Esterel
LA CIBLE D'AMOUR_V14. La Cible d’Amour


image : Philippe Garcia

style : Sarah de Beaumont

Galerie, panoramic wallpapers collection, La Maison Pierre Frey, september 2018


Double Jeux, the new & subtil vinyl wallpapers collection is out !


Sans titre-1With the collection Double-jeux, the creativity of La Maison Pierre Frey is expressed on vinyl, making a multitude of games in relief possible, engaging and evocative. From a plank of wood to a handmade silk, through to a linen canvas, the sophisticated matt or pearly finishes shade and draw out the character of this collection. 

textured walls, enchanting trompe-l’oeil…

ImgAET6560legthe supports sublimate their printed matter…


COBAN_ImgAET6156from strong & pronounced pattern… 


 …to the thin vibration of the surfaceKIMONO_ImgAET6221

the walls dress our interiors.

image : Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
style : Anne Pericchi-Draeger
Double Jeux, vinyl wallpapers collection, La Maison Pierre Frey, september 2018.

Sasha Bikoff tablecloth with our printed cotton “Lasso” wins the 1st Price of Hampton Classic Competition




*a somptuous tablecloth…

Each year, le championnat équestre Hampton Classic est l’un des évènements attendus de l’été aux Etats-Unis, rassemblant un nombre toujours grandissant d’amateurs. Sous la tente VIP attenante à la carrière où se déroule le concours, un autre genre de compétition se tient : le magazine Hamptons Cottages & Gardens [HC&G] organise un grand prix du dressing de table où décorateurs, artistes, fleuristes ou invités du monde du luxe se retrouvent pour disputer la récompense au travers de mises en scène très travaillées et somptueuses.

This year, the table decorated by New-York interior designer Sasha Bikoff wins the First Price. Floral, poetic and very refined, this elegant set has associated blue&white porcelains with pink glass on a tablecloth made of our printed cotton Lasso, an iconic fabric from la Maison Pierre Frey realized by Fontaine in 1947. A success !


Hampton PriceHamptonsClassic Price

image courtesy of Cottages&Gardens

Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais, Paris : a tribute to Braquenié fabrics


Toile de Nantes Pierre FreylegRoses et pivoines Pierre Freyleg

Hôtel Caron de Beaumarchais : a tribute to the classical drapery of the House

Pompéi from Le Manach, Toiles de Nantes from Pierre Frey, Comtesse de Mailly from Braquenié… This Hotel located in the heart of the Marais district is a precious case away from the noise of contemporary Paris. The place pays a true tribute to 18th century fabrics whose refined motifs give life to the rooms. The atmosphere that emerges is that of the Paris of the “Grands Siècles”: an historical proposal that carries us away, for the pleasure of the eyes. The Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais offers the occasion to cut ourselves off from time to dream about being a count or a countess, for a weekend.


Pompei Lemanachleg Comtesse de Mailly Pierre Frey leg Papillon Orange Freyleg Papillon orange pierre frey leg Papillon Crême P Frey Collection Comoglioleg Papillon Bleu P Frey Collection Comoglio leg Rocaille LemanachCaron de Beaumarchais Hotel, 12 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris, FRANCE.

IG @hotelcarondebeaumarchais


Photos ©Alain Bigeard



From June 28th to July 1st this year was the third edition of the Interior Architecture Design Parade Festival organized by the Villa Noailles in Toulon. During a month, an old bishopric in ruins has been entirely renovated by the 10 candidates to the competition. Each of them invested then a room to propose an exclusive and singular decor. Several projects have solicited the House of Pierre Frey as partners for the fabrics in their set designs.

Therefore, among the 3 different awards given by the Festival, 2 of them have been featuring one or more references from our House in talented and fabulous ways. This third edition of the Interior Architecture Design Parade Festival, amazing, impacting, successful, signs a promising new generation for the decorators of tomorrow!


The First Price (ex-æquo)

Kim Haddou &Florent Dufourcq, “Giotto”

It is a library / reading room that the duo has conceived. Poetic, light and delicate, the space breathes. The “Colibri” curtains give a soft light. The most important piece of the room is the library, niches dug out of the wall that the owner has to excavate to place the objects and books collected over the years, “thus modeling with his hands the case of his memory” conclude the architects.


drawing of the project 

Kim Haddou Florent Duffourcq1 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018

 Pierre Frey “colibri” curtains


The Special Mention Eyes On Talent x Frame magazine

Bérangère Botti & Sophie Genestoux, “En Trompe-l’Oeil”

It is a meditation space “with enigmatic depths” imagined by the two architects. Located away from other rooms, on the ground floor, the place soothes by its apparent stripping. Tiles of white enamel from the ground to the walls, it is necessary to penetrate to realize that a second space calls the gaze beyond the arches which draw on the ground opaque shadows. This trompe-l’oeil suddenly offers a rich and deep horizon to contemplate, dark blue, with random glimmers. The wild silk curtain Albertine and silk Eco placed on the Daybed bring touches of brilliance or roughness in a subtle space in the smallest detail and extremely refined.

Berengere Botti Sophie Genestou 7 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018leg

 Pierre Frey “Albertine” silk curtains
Berengere Botti Sophie Genestou20 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018Eco” Fadini Borghi on the Daybed


Lucas Djaou, “A l’heure de la sieste”

The space of the young Lucas Djaou is a place where it is good to be. Warm, it is the crossing of meetings and collections of the architect according to his travels. It is a place of culture “where to feed the beauties of the world”. Lucas Djaou has thus collaborated with many artists and craftsmen around the world to give birth to this room, made up of an entrance part with bright orange walls, place of exchanges and dialogues, and a more dark and recessed where a daybed invites to laze. With mischief, the architect has taken advantage of the large color variation offered by the linen “Cheyenne”, making cushions that bring a cheerfulness to the room.


drawing of the project by Lucas Djaou
Lucas Djaou16 - Lothaire Hucki © villa Noailles, 2018leg
 ”cheyenne” linen for the cushions

Images ©Lothaire Hucki for the Villa Noailles




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The Snake, symbol of the new capsule collection with Victoria-Maria Geyer

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The new Natecru collection, a focus on wide-width fabrics

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