Concini : the video of an exceptional warp print on silk

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Concini silk fabric revives traditional printing techniques that have become extremely rare, but with impressive results and incomparable quality.

We invite you to discover those precious steps inside our Swiss and French factories where talented craftsmen preserve and accomplish this unique know-how under our eyes. 

Concini : a unique and meticulous weaving process

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lemanachlogoConcini Decollage de la toile 4 © M. Crea-light

Concini, an exceptional silk fabric

        La Maison Pierre Frey continues to honor the unique know-how of craftsmen and the richesness of the fabrics left by Le Manach house. Inspired from its original 17th century archive, Concini is an emblematic drawing taken from the heritage collection of Le Manach. A true aesthete, Pierre Frey reproduces the same ancestral gesture, selects the best experts to revive an edition of this exceptional warp print, reproducing its subtle patterns and colours to the “blurred” effect that is so characteristic.





The beauty of this very refined fabric needs a patient and precise fabrication process. In several steps, the 10 000 silky yarns of the fabric’s warp are first printed before being woven in a second time. 46 meters of the final fabric represents approximatly 140 hours work.

Those requirements are essential to create this incomparable subtlety that cannot be achieved with modern methods. Conceived by excellent manufacturers in Zurich and Lyon, Concini is a true jewel of textile crafts. 

Concini Tissage en blanc 11 © MCrea


Concini lavage 8 © MCrea

Concini detissage 5 © MCrea

Concini Nouage 4 © D. Demey


Concini Detissage 12 © D. Demeylight

Concini Tissage 1 © D. Demey

 Watch the video of Concini weaving process step by step :

You can also read our illustrated and detailed brochure :



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Following the release of Le Manach new wallpaper collection Heritage, our historian Sophie Rouart reveals us everything about this great classic that adorns our walls… From its origins to its techniques, uses, and the principal patterns : Read this new Issue of The Archive Gazette focused on “Classic Wallpapers, revisited”.




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Collection materials chair packshot

Approached by the parisian design company La Chance, La Maison Pierre Frey took part to the creation of a limited serie of six numbered chairs Ronin, designed by Emil Lagoni and Werner Valbak. Using the iconic patterns of the House mixed with precious marbles, this edition plays subtly with the materials and offers refined colors. At the crossroads of know-how between tradition and innovation , La Chance x Pierre Frey is a surprising and successful collaboration.



La Chance is a Paris based design company producing furniture, lighting, accessories, rugs and wallpaper with a strong and distinctive style. La Chance gives a contemporary interpretation of the ornamental and decorative French furniture tradition rooted in the Art Deco period. The creations of La Chance share a sophisticated, rich and singular design based on noble materials. It is a come back to a warm and uninhibited luxury, breaking away from cold and conceptual design.
Frederik Werner and Emil Lagoni Valbak met at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where they graduated in 2013. Frederik and Emil belong to the new generation of Danish design but follow the tradition of a natural and pure Nordic design.


video ©La Maison Noire production



1 2 3 4 5 6 IMG_7746R





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Enter into Le Manach factory and watch the making of the wallpapers from new 2018 collection “Heritage” …

Each Le Manach wallpaper is printed by hand with the traditional technique of the flat frame. Used since 1870, this method replaces the wooden block printing. Each color corresponds to a frame. Used like a stencil, the craftsmen position the frame according to reference marks. The paint is drawn accross the screen inside the frame to apply the colour to the paper. The process is repeated for each color on the design, giving an exceptionally crisp and clean aspect. With Héritage, Pierre Frey revives the French wallpaper craft and contribute to preserve this unique and exceptionnal know-how.

And to read more about 2018 “Héritage ” collection from Le Manach, go here.

Pierre Frey acquires Rosello

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Pierre Frey acquires Rosello
Furniture manufacturer 100% Made in France

Devoted to offer its customers a warm and elegant decoration concept, Maison Pierre Frey has been developing its furniture offering since 1990, particularly with its range of seats designed by Yves Halard and Schwartz. From then on, chairs, armchairs and sofas have become real “ambassadors” of the Maison’s historical textile creations.


Aware of the rise of decoration projects with special orders for “made-to-measure” furniture unique or inspired by models in the collections, Maison Pierre Frey now looks to extend its offer and services, accompanied by experts guaranteeing the best know-how. January 2018 marks the acquisition of  Rosello, located in Villers-Cotterêts in the Hauts de France region.

IMG_4289 IMG_4478 IMG_4552

Founded in 1928 by François, Floréal and more recently led by Dominique and Florent Rosello succeeded after 3 generations in the company manufacturing seats and furniture 100% made in France from noble woods of the region: beech, oak and ash.

IMG_4162 IMG_4244 IMG_4314

The many values shared and a common story convinced the Frey family to embark on this legitimate but new adventure: a family history that spans generations, a strong culture of decoration and a devotion to uncompromising quality.


Working with architects, decorators and designers, Rosello has met the requirements of many prestigious projects: the Peninsula hotel in Paris, Le Meurice, Le Royal Monceau, several Alain Ducasse establishments and has worked with recognized professionals such as Jean Philippe Nuel, Philippe Starck …




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Created in 1829, Le Manach has always cultivated an unconditional love for traditional refinement and French craftsmanship. This house has a unique heritage, reproducing textile archives, the oldest of which date back to the Renaissance. Le Manach was acquired by Pierre Frey in 2014 with the aim of preserving its historical wealth, to develop French fabrics and as of recent, wallpapers. The rich heritage of Le Manach textiles is a treasure that some will recognize with deep emotion. Others will be charmed by the fine and delicate reinterpretations of Le Manach fabric designs, great examples from the golden age of the house.

This first collection of Le Manach wallpapers thus lays the foundation for future collections, which will always remain true to tradition, history, excellence, know-how and unites all the aesthetes. 14 patterns rendered in 54 refined and subtle color tones. For these noble designs, it is imperative that the choice of technique be on a par with the aesthetic quality of the 18th century French patterns. Hand screen printing was the obvious choice.

Used since 1970 for exclusive wallpapers, this artisanal process replaces the traditional wooden block printing. Each design is broken down into a number of colors, each corresponding to a screen that is used like a stencil. The craftsmen position the frame according to reference marks. The paint is drawn across the screen inside the frame to apply the colour to the paper. Printing is executed “wet on dry” involving a long drying time between each color. The craftsmen skip a space to allow for drying. The process is repeated for each color on the design.

VIDEO : Le Manach



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With MOOREA, Pierre Frey takes over the outdoor world, confirming the success of the preceding “Bayamo” collection. In the same spirit and colors, these indoor/outdoor fabrics play with contrast and offer a new palette of delicate colors and a hint of tartness that is resolutely “deco”. Woven fabrics with many types of raised effects add both resolute modernity and a timeless style. Made in our factory in the north of France, which has been awarded the EPV living heritage company label, this line of fabrics benefits from expertise that is unique in Europe and presents exceptional outdoor characteristics (guarantee of the market’s highest level of resistance to light, stormy weather and abrasion).

 frey_01 principale_016 REF verticale 1 frey_02 de¦ütails_021 frey_02 de¦ütails_030 frey_02 de¦ütails_057 frey_02 de¦ütails_069 frey_02 de¦ütails_088 frey_02 de¦ütails_097 frey_02 de¦ütails_102


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Here comes the empress, the Christmas tree sculpture in celebration of a long lasting collaboration between two family houses: Pierre Frey and Hôtel Costes.

Ornate with embroidered and colourful fabrics, enhanced with voluptuous tulle, she holds court in the reception of Hôtel Costes from Monday 4th December until Thursday 4th January.

239-241 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris

Close up

Image-Site-07-retouchee Image-Site-08

Marie Claire Maison 50th Aniversary Pop Up

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Marie Claire Maison celebrates its 50th anniversary with a pop-up card illustrated by Eric Giriat. This adoreable artwork uses Pierre Frey fabrics and wallpapers to create a playful and whimsicical scene. You can win one by following Marie Claire Maison and Pierre Frey on Instagram and posting the pop-up with the hashtag #PierreFreyPopUP!

photo 1 pop up (002) photo 2 pop up (002) Pierre Frey 1811 (003)

Concini tissage 9 © MCrea - Copielight

Concini : the video of an exceptional warp print on silk

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Concini Decollage de la toile 6 © M. Crea6LIGHT

Concini : a unique and meticulous weaving process

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