Le Manach fabrics at the Ministere hotel


Located just a step from the “Palais de l’Elysée” and the “Ministère de l’Intérieur”, The Ministere hotel reopen this year its doors.

hotel du ministère

The interior architect François Champsaur, have been this time again, in charge of the decoration for the new 18 rooms, suites and duplex rooms.

hotel du ministère2

In this new setting out, highlighted by geometrical forms and tonic colours, Le Manach fabrics were used for curtains. They are here surrounded by Serge Mouille lamps and Nathalie du Pasquier printed fabrics.

hotel du ministère3

The use of natural materials and coloured touches, are here enhanced by the Art works in each room, in order to make you feel at home.

hotel du ministère4

Pierre Frey collection “Graminées”


With Pierre Frey’s Graminees collection, embark on a poetic journey where traditional technics meet modern aessthetics.


Willingly opposing the perfection achieved by industrial technics, natural fibers and their irregularities are here highlighted, through these wallpapers and wallcoverings.

ursa olive

Traditionally woven, each texture of this collection has a regular rhythm, but reminds unique, expressing  Mother’s Nature beauty.


Being subtle and pure at the same time, the neutral colour ranges allow you to create your exclusive atmosphere.


More information: http://www.pierrefrey.com/collection/pierrefreygraminees/

Pierre Frey with Suduca & Mérillou at AD Intérieurs 2015


Pierre Frey is represented at AD Intérieurs 2015 exhibition through the chic and monastical cell of Suduca & Mérillou.

02-SUDUCA _ADInterieur15-5140HDS2

Architects and specialists of the XXth century decorative arts, Daniel Suduca and Thierry Mérillou manage since 1994, the Saint Jacques gallery in Toulouse. As says the tandem, ” nowaday, the bedroom is often moved into an office. We wanted to develop a space that will allow you to escape technology; a space without screens, where you could detach yourself “.


Here, the walls are covered with plaster. The carpet, made of a roughly weaving of abaca, defined a natural, simple and pared-down atmosphere. There are only some objects and well chosen antique furniture. On one side, we can see a desk corner with two chairs covered by a d’Aubusson tapestry. They are placed around a wooden table made by Mattia Bonetti. The curtains, in Toile de Tours, are from Le Manach. On the other side of the room are placed a sofa and a pedestal table by Jean Royère.

This room is a perfect place to rest.


the chic and monastical cell
AD Intérieurs 2015
Palais d’Iéna
5 – 20 september 2015
2pm – 6pm

Pierre Frey with Alexandre de Betak at AD Intérieurs 2015


Pierre Frey is represented at AD Intérieurs 2015 exhibition through the Alexandre de Betak “salon de joie”.


Since his childhood, Alexandre de Betak, designer and scenographer, collects robots.
As many boys who grew up with the Star Wars trilogy, he lives the head in the stars, dreaming about spaceships and space travels. This retro-futuristic setting, structured around a huge bed, invites us to dream.


The mattress, which is custom-made by Pierre Frey from an original drawing of the designer, is covered by a lunar ground and a starry sky; So are the pillows and mural fabric. In addition, kinetic créations, which are hung on the walls, give to the scenery a graphic dimension.

Alexandre de Betak renews here the typology of versatile space, as it used to be, back in the seventies.


“Le salon de joie”
AD Intérieurs 2015
Palais d’Iéna
5 – 20 september 2015
2pm – 6pm

Pierre Frey with Dimore Studio at AD Intérieurs 2015


Pierre Frey is represented at AD Intérieurs 2015 exhibition through the Dimore Studio dining room.


Settled in Milan, the decorators Britt Moran and  Emiliano Salci are the founders of Dimore Studio. Since their beginnings in 2003, they inject life into each space they interpret.

Their settings, result from a subtle harmony between vintages pieces of Italian designers, and their own collection, full of designs inspired by the past.

Here, the wall graphics send us back to the 50s Italian modernism, while the table cuts remind us the post-modernism period.  The printed carpet, covered with sinuous feathers which evoke the Art Nouveau, is an original creation edited by Braquenié for Dimore Studio.

tapis dimore

It is a big mix; nevertheless, there is no collision here as everything merge in harmony of almond, ochre and bluish colors.

the talent of the decorators consists in making easy, desirable and appropriate, the most fearless combination.

tapis motif dimore

 The dining room
AD Intérieurs 2015
Palais d’Iéna
5 - 20 september 2015
2pm – 6pm

Pierre Frey with Oitoemponto at AD Intérieurs 2015


Pierre Frey is represented at AD Intérieurs 2015 exhibition through the Oitoemponto office space.


Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, the two founders and designers of the OITOEMPONTO Agency, imagined the office of a financial woman, perpetually eyeing the exchange flows.


They dedicated her a valuable wooden desk concealing video screens in mirror surfaces.It emanates from this piece of furniture a unique retro-futuristic luxury highlighted by the chairs facing it, the Atom 1950 console on the side of the room and the painting of Robert Rauschenberg.


Note that this hybrid desktop is also a dressing table; one of its drawers being dedicated to makeup. Its screens also become  mirrors while shut down.Technology here is pretty discreet as shown by the folding of the leather sheathed blades, depending on the exterior brightness.


The use of Pierre Frey fabrics to cover the wall behind the desk, its chair and the seventies Paco Rabanne chairs on the other side of the office, accentuate this cozy atmosphere. This is everything a 21st century trader woman needs.


The connected office
AD Intérieurs 2015
Palais d’Iéna
5 – 20 september 2015
2pm – 6pm

Pierre Frey and Toxic collaboration


La Maison Pierre Frey has always worked with contemporary artists, bringing forth talents from  around the world whose works are reflective of the times.

It was therefore quite natural that Pierre Frey went to meet with Toxic in his Saint Denis workshop to absorb his environment and his work.

Toxic et Pierre Frey 2

No Toys Allowed, panoramic of 3.50mlong by 2.50m high

 The Grandson of the founder of La Maison Frey and the graffiti artist discovered they are on the same wavelength.  Although free- spirited and independent, they both respect the importance of tradition and method.  From this mix  is born an unexpected collection ;  a fabric, a wallpaper and a panel of bright colors and abstract shapes spray painted.

Toxic et Pierre Frey

Eighty/Thirthy wallpaper, a name that is a nod to the 80 year history of Pierre Frey and 30 year history of work by the artist Toxic. Also available in print on linen fabric.

Toxic et Pierre Frey 5

Through his paintings, Toxic has managed to carry “Street Art” to the level of contemporary art.  By exploring the world of the home, his art now evolves well beyond the street …

Toxic et Pierre Frey 3

Toxic et Pierre Frey 4

Braquenié collection “Impératrice Eugénie”


« Crossroads between tradition and modernity,  the new collection Impératrice Eugénie combining craftsmanship and new technicals.”


 This new collection of wallpapers pulls out of the game by mixing patterns inspired by the Second Empire and the opulence of the East.

Impératrice Eugénie 1

Printed on silk grounds are the jewels of this collection. From this initiatory journey, the Maison Pierre Frey returns with a material both natural and noble: the raw silk.


 The History of France and its nobility is revisited in an oriental version for the greatest pleasure of our eyes with  14 new references.

Anne-Marie 2

From the exotic foliage to the aviary, from the menagerie to Orientals prints, our collection “Impératrice Eugénie” transports us between classic elegance and refined exoticism.


more information: http://www.pierrefrey.com/collection/braquenieimperatriceeugenie/

Pierre Frey with Luis Laplace at AD Intérieurs 2015


Pierre Frey represented at AD Intérieurs 2015 exhibition through the Laplace Bespoke armchair.


From the view over tapestry made by his grandmother, which he was only able to see upside down; to the Louise Bourgeois “ Ode à l’oubli” book and her use of fabrics from her childhood to create new forms and prints; This armchair is a result of  many influences of the architect Luis Laplace, through out his life.


 By using his memories and references such as Sheila Hicks and Piet Oudolf, the architect comes out with an armchair made of an 18th Century d’Aubusson tapestry stitched upside down on the back while the seating remains made of Pierre Frey textile. By those associations, Luis Laplace aims here to mix time and styles to approach interiors in a radically new way yet without any ostentation.


The reading room
AD Intérieurs 2015
Palais d’Iéna
5 – 20 september 2015
2pm – 6pm


René Prou


Born in Nantes in 1887, René Prou came to Paris after being graduated of the Bernard Palissy’s school.  Then, he began his  career of decorator as artistic director of the  Maison Gouffé. At the same period, Prou created a cave decorated with beads for the couturier Paul Poiret during the Universal Exhibition of 1937.

René Prou soon had many orders. Such as : The board room of the Paris Discount countertop and the residence of the Ambassador of Paraguay. He realized also  first class cabins for transatlantic Paris and decorating liners Normandie, Atlantique, Lafayette, Champlain, De Grasse and Volubilis.


Paquebot LAFAYETTE, dining room “des Cabines”

In the 1920′s, René Prou led the National School of Decorative Arts where he was also teaching. Later, In 1928, René Prou succeeded Paul Follot as the art director of Pomone « le bon marché » until 1932.

The Prou line had as characteristic the metal work made as flexible as rattan. The subtlety and fine lines reveal the luxury and elegance of its decoration work.


 Lacquered metal bed covered with fur, fabric edited by Pierre Frey


Buffet of dining room in walnut

In 1930, a catalog of the company listed the architectural and decorative works of Prou: 300 furnished rooms, 60 private residences, 30 banks, 400 train compartments for the international company of 15 beds and transatlantic wagons. These prestigious works have made him a famous and must decorator.


Bar car « Côte d’Azur » from Orient Express decorated by René Prou.

cabine_de_toilette_dangle_pour_voiture_lit_lx_vers_1929_marqueterie_de_d5469462h[1]Angle cabin for bed car

In 1913, René Prou had a daughter , Geneviève. Fascinated by beautiful furniture, painting and architecture she later became the wife of Pierre Frey, a union that will be the beginning of a great family story. Geneviève Prou has retained her father’s words “the importance of elegance, esthetics, eviedence of sincerity and respect“.




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