La Maison Pierre Frey in Cannes


La Maison Pierre Frey is very proud to be one of the suppliers of the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar in Cannes, decorated by Laetitia Sebban. Located at the top of the Palais des festivals, the lounge bar is one of the most private places of the festival. The terrace, offering an exceptional view over the port, has been fully achieved with the “Portor” fabric, which is a creation from the collaboration between the artist Mathias Kiss and the La Maison Pierre Frey. The choice of a painted marble in Sienne and Blue colors gives all its chic and contemporaneity to the space.

The “Portor” fabrics collection echoes to the Mathias Kiss personal work, continuity of a reflexion on the plitz and rigid materials distortion, by joining one of his painted marbles (Portor) with a textile.

_DSC0005 _DSC0014 Photo 11-05-2016 15 03 39 retouch 1 retouchée

©David Zagdoun

Beautiful apartment in Saint Petersburg


Located in Saint Petersbourg, Russia, this beautiful apartment has been recently decorated by a the Art Spice design studio. The interior designer has chosen wallpapers from La Maison Pierre Frey, included the Braquenié iconic print “Le Grand Corail”.

A first bedroom has been realized in the ochre tone. A warm and baroque atmosphere is provided by the combination between Le Grand Corail print and the crystal pendants.



The same wallpaper, in an antique pink colour, gives a romantic spirit to this second bedroom.


At last, the blue shades of the “Jardin de Mysore” wallpaper from Pierre Frey bring calm and serenity to this bedroom in a more contemporary style.

redimension 1

©Studio Art Spice


Pierre Frey and Yachts de Paris


The Charleston collection is beautifully displayed in the Yachts de Paris flagship.

Pile Yachts de Paris HD © Dorothée Demey

René Prou, Patrick Frey’s grandfather, was a famous decorator well known for the decors of the large transatlantic ocean liners. In 1920, when the Art Deco movement was in full boom, that was the height of luxury and French-style refinement to travel in one of those boats.

_D4S5758 HD

Many years later, Yacht de Paris, with the complicity of La Maison Pierre Frey, gives a new life to the Don Juan II decor, a famous restaurant boat also conceived at the same time, when it was all about luxury and pleasure. Pierre Frey used the Art Déco geometric and stylized floral repertoire and chose plain velvets, sophisticated embroideries,  large patterns or semi-plains fabrics evoking shagreen, in blue and golden brown tones.

_D4S5866 HD - Copie

The blue Eventail carpet serves as a link between the two rooms of the restaurant and the small lounge. This one is decorated with a bench seat covered with “La Folie du Jour” embroidery and with a golden brown velvet sofa that contrasts with the petrol blue chairs.

_D4S5796 HD - Copie

The small lounge is separated from the restaurant by mahogany panels covered with large geometric patterns curtains. Silky and yellow blinds decorate the windows and a screen covered with a gold and blue jacquard brings warmth and comfort to this boudoir.

At last, comfortable cushions with cherry red and white rhombs cover the boat deck sofas.


With this new Art Déco décor, the Don Juan II invites us to enjoy a unique, elegant and gastronomic experience along the Seine river and the Parisian monuments.



Pierre Frey – Outdoor “MAYA” collection


The MAYA collection from Pierre Frey invites us into the colorful world of Central America.

16  © Dorothée Demey

As a beautiful allusion to South American culture and its numerous multicolored markets, the diamond-shaped motifs of the outdoor collection evoke basket weaving and wickerwork.  

Redimensionnement de 56  © Dorothée Demey

The Maya collection is strongly influenced by the traditional Latin American weaves, and in particular by the embroideries motifs of the huipil, the tunic worn by Mayan women.

Redimensionnement de 27  © Dorothée Demey

With their assertive personalities, the outdoor fabrics of the Maya collection create a joyful and exotic atmosphere to both internally and externally décors.

Redimensionnement de 33  © Dorothée Demey

Exhibition “inspired fabrics, Pierre Frey” – Capsule collection


To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Pierre Frey has the privilege to invest the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris.  More than a retrospective, this is about celebrating the creation, cornerstone of the family house activity and to highlight which is what provides its uniqueness and singularity, the Pierre Frey eye. The common thread of this exhibition is the dialogue. Dialogue between the times, between the museum collections and with the contemporary creation.

In echo to the art pieces exhibited, three artists designed a rug, a fabric or a wallpaper that will be edited in a capsule collection.

The « MONSTER GARDEN » rug by Marcel Wanders

Born in 1963, Marcel Wanders is a prolific product and interior designer and art director, with over 1700 projects to his name for private clients and premium brands such as Alessi, Bisazza, Puma, KLM, among scores of others.

His work excites, provokes, ans polarizes, but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, its daring and its singular quest to uplift the human spirit and entertain. Marcel’s chief concern is bringing the human touch back to design, ushering in what he calls design’s « new age », in which designer, craftsperson and user are reunited.

To reflect Pierre Frey’s textiles of the years 1980 – 1999, Marcel Wanders chose to revisit the theme of the flower, a perennial motif at Pierre Frey. In this creation, Marcel Wanders brings his personal vision by adding a friendly monster, turning the idea of the graceful and delicate flower on its head. The Monster Garden rug, with its fantasy and representations of flora and fauna, is the synthesis of the combined worlds of Pierre Frey and Marcel Wanders.

marcel wanders-gap ad[1]monstergarden rug

The « FLASHBALL » printed fabric  by Julien Colombier

Born in 1972, Julien Colombier lives and works in Paris. This self-trained artist honed his aesthetic eye by examining printed fabrics and Art Déco style. His first works compare to those of Henri Matisse and Keith Haring due to the joyous energy they emit. Unlike the other artists, he started by blackening a sheet of paper, creating shadows from the very beginning. Then he introduced color, bringing light and radiance. His preferred subjects are nature (forests, clouds, jungles) and geometric patterns, transforming his interpretations into colored shapes, creating an imaginary yet vibrant atmosphere, nearing abstraction. The colors applied in pastel give body to the shapes. He is widely sough after and has worked with Chanel, Baccarat and Cartier.

Currently he is exploring nature in its many forms, looking at it from all angles up to the point of nearly geometric simplification. Recently, he reintroduced paint back into his oil pastel works to create relief and drip effects.

For the exhibition presented at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, he returns to the years 1935-1959 by creating a boldly colored print which reacts differently to natural and ultraviolet lights, creating different perceptions of the fabric.

HD 4946 © Julie Ansiau - Copie - CopieRedimensionnement de Redimensionnement de Julien Colombier jpg - Copie

The  « NUBEM » panoramic by Benjamin Graindorge

Born in 1980, and graduate of the ENSCI Les Ateliers in 2006, Benjamin Graindorge is one of the faces of young talent in French design. In 2011, after an artistic residency at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, his first solo exhibition was organized at the Ymer&Malta gallery in Paris, where he displayed five works based on the theme of dreams. In 2012, he was voted Young Designer of the Year at the Elle Décor International Design Awards. In 2014, he worked with WallpaperLab to create a wallpaper titled Blanc sur blanc, and this year his project Paysage Domestique was presented at the Milan Furniture Fair.

His trip to Japan was a revelation for him, exploring and discovering how modernity passes through the use and mastery of craftsmanship and artisanal techniques.

With regard to Pierre Frey’s designs from 1960 to 1979, the artist created a wallpaper that explores questions of visual perception via the pixel as a unit. In this work he rejoins the spirit of early 1970s Op Art.

parcours-de-designer-benjamin-graindorge[1]paysageColorés formatFrey nuageBeige 20150224


A gateway in Normandy


Rooted to the Spot - Pierre Frey_page_001

It’s in their Normandy country house that Patrick Frey and his family have recently received the American ELLE Décor editorial team.


Since childhood, Patrick Frey use to decompress in the Norman village of Galluis, the absolute favorite place in the world of his mother, the designer Geneviève Prou. Every Friday afternoon, with his wife Lorraine, they leave the bustling city for the quietness of the countryside. At the present time, Patrick Frey’s sons Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu perpetuate the tradition with their family.

Rooted to the Spot - Pierre Frey_page_008

Located just 25 miles from Paris, the bucolic setting of the property has all the assets to find wellness and friendliness with its vibrant flower gardens, swimming pool, tennis courts and resident chickens.

rooted to the top - redimensionnée

Called “La Prairie” the family home was designed by the architect Edouard Albert, famous for the first Parisian skyscraper. But earlier in his carrer the architect dabbled in a more traditional vernacular. For the Freys, he created a Normandy-style property with a wood structure, painted shutters and a rustic redbricks roof.

Rooted to the Spot - Pierre Frey_page_007

Patrick Frey has always used his homes as a laboratory for his firm’s fabric, wallpaper, furniture, and rugs.

Rooted to the Spot - Pierre Frey_page_006


The Lanesborough Hotel


The Lanesborough hotel is ideally located in prestigious Knightsbridge overlooking Hyde Park; not far from the Buckingham Palace, in the center of London.

Le Lanesborough Palace - Room 220 - 2015 (2)

After an extensive renovation the hotel reopens in Spring 2015, with a decoration made by Alberto Pinto. The Pierre Frey house is very proud to be one of the main suppliers of that stunning project.

Le Lanesborough Palace - Room 210 - 2015 (1)

Through the 93 bedrooms, 43 suites ( the bigger one, The Royal Suite, has got  7 rooms at your disposal) permits to the decorator to decline its style and work, adding to it a touch of modernity, which can be seen through the elegant reception areas.

Le Lanesborough Palace - Room 210 - 2015 (2)

Being present at the different levels and at Céleste, the gastronomic restaurant, the Braquenié custom-made carpets help to unveil the atmosphere : the hotel is an elegant example of London’s Regency architecture.

Le Lanesborough Palace - Restaurant Celeste - 2015

Exhibition “Faire le Mur”


From January 21th to June 12th 2016, The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris presents ” Faire le mur”, an exhibition built up and produced by Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris, with the support of Pierre Frey.

PP-invit-faire le mur visuel seul

visual of the exhibition, Maroussia Janelle

Featuring three hundred emblematic pieces, selected from the reserve collection of more than 400,000 items of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, this exhibition juxtaposes and compares wallpapers from different periods and origins to illustrate the broad range of styles and skills in use from the 18th century to the present day.


Lendemain de fête, Sanitex 1948

It shows wallpaper’s major role in the history of the decorative arts, whilst highlighting some of the jewels of the largest wallpaper collection in the world.


Porte trompe-l’oeil, Maison Martin Margiela  2010

The range of themes explored in the six rooms of the Study Gallery, shows different techniques and periods juxtaposed, in order to let us discover all iconic actors in the history of styles and tendencies. Furthermore, it reflects the tastes, customs and mentality of each period.

the exhibition ” Tissus Inspirés, Pierre Frey” set-up


From the 21 of January 2016 to the 12 of July 2016, you can discover the exhibit Tissus Inspirés, Pierre Frey at the musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In case you wont have this occasion, we wanted to share some pictures with you!

PIERRE_FREY-025 (Large)

With a highly contemporary design by the scenographer Philippe Renaud, it is a future-oriented exhibition in six rooms. Each of them has got a distinctive theme.

PIERRE_FREY-011 (Large)

room 1: behind the scenes of the design process. Discover the multiple inspirations of Pierre Frey.

room 2: between 1935 and 1959

room 3: between 1960 and 1973

room 4: between 1980 and 1999

room 5: between 2000 and 2015

PIERRE_FREY-024 (Large)

In Each room are exhibited  a selection of the maison’s creations that draws a parallel with the decorative style of the period through the presentation of a few works from the museum’s collections. An exercise in style, commissioned from contemporary designers who have designed a capsule collection for spring 2016 ( Julien Colombier, Nao Tamura, Benjamin Graindorge and Marcel Wanders)  will be displayed as well through the visit.

PIERRE_FREY-004 (Large)

the last one, the room 6: a dialogue with contemporary art. Pierre Frey becomes here a source of inspiration for contemporary artists  from different backgrounds, who will create a non-textile work based on Pierre Frey concepts.

This exhibit is a good way to discover Pierre Frey, or re-discover the story of the maison.







Pierre Frey collection “Graminées 2″


With this second part of the Graminées collection, Pierre Frey hopes to share with you its new vision of the material world.


Inspired by untouched natural beauty of the four elements, this collection goes against the grain of the current industrial tendency.


Like beacons in a sensory exploration, each element can be used separately or be integrated into a bold, innovative setting.


Pierre Frey studio returns here to natural textures both raw and exquisite.


more information here:


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