Natecru – Collection 2017


In 1980, Patrick Frey formed the concept of Natecru, a term combining two words: “naturel” and “ecru”. Natecru is a real exercise in weaving, where natural textures such as hemp, linen, Alpaga wool, cotton, slik and cashmere are embellished by the quality of the yarns, the weave and the finish, only and limited to a few neutral colorways. The result is a contemporary collection, at once minimalist, raw, comfortable and refined.

A large part of the collection is woven in nothern France in our workshops bearing the prestigious “EPV” label awarded to companies committed to preserving their living heritage. This label is very selectively awarded by the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment to French firms with traditionnal know-how and to outstanding manufacturers.

Pierre Frey natecru Pile Laine-3

Pierre Frey natecru 3 grosplan DP207-4

Pierre Frey Tapis DP2017-9 V1

Pierre Frey Camaieu 3-5

Maoming – Collection 2017


Pierre Frey’s new collection Maoming evokes the know-how and the talent of Miao women, chinese people living back in the Guizhou province of China, shielded by the moon mountains. It is an invitation to discover the mysterious strenght of their textile art based on indigo and the polychromy of the embroidery.

Reinterpreted by Pierre Frey, ikats, batiks, pleated, embroidery with geometric patterns available in a shimmering, bright and colorful range match perfectly well the collection of coordinated wallpapers and wallcoverings Guizhou.









 © Anne Emmanuelle Thion

Gio – Collection 2017


Without breaking with its great and classic damasks, velvets and lampas, the latest Fadini Borghi collection is resolutely more contemporary. Precious, geometrical, the GIO collection revisits the golden era of European architecture and design from 1928 to 1950 : the Bauhaus movement founded by Wlater Gropius and the modernist movement launched by Robert Mallet-Stevens or Le Corbusier and, in Italy, Gio Ponti. This style plays with simple geometric shapes and combines conveniance and aesthetics.

It represents an innovative approach in line with the technological advances of the time, based on functionalism, the use of industrial materials and the elimination of ornaments.

With this modern and sophisticated collection, design and art unite in a spirit of modernism, in the simplification of forms, in the variation of materials and a saturated color palette.








La Maison Pierre Frey at Hotel Costes for Christmas



© Adrien Dirand

© Adrien Dirand

A gigantic Christmas tree floats in the reception of the Hotel Costes, seeming almost to dance around powdered velvets, a mixture of dark tones, bronze and dark red, reminiscent of the Napoleon III style.

Dressed in the sumptuous fabrics of Maison Pierre Frey in harmony with the fabrics that are already in the rooms of the hotel, this out of time baroque décor is the backdrop of the permanent ballet of Parisian habitues and cosmopolitan travellers.

noel au costes 3noel au costes 4DSCN7580

True artistic installation, the crinoline tree is adorned with balls and
suspensions all unique, hand made in the workshops of the Maison Pierre Frey.

The work is titanic but the result is light and scintillating; Stars, garlands
and crowns flying around this sculpture in weightlessness.IMG_2862IMG_2864

© Adrien Dirand

© Adrien Dirand

Discover this part of magic and dream from Monday December 5th to January 4th at Hotel Costes.

239-241 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris

JoBo Hotel


« Jo » as Joséphine,
« Bo » as Bonaparte …

The Hôtel de Joséphine Bonaparte, JoBo to those in the know, opened this charming residence, with its lounges and 24 rooms, to all would-be Parisians – for a night or a longer stay, a cup of tea, an evening drink, or even a whole night of cocktails and delicious nibbles. Hidden behind a flamboyant courtyard, Hôtel de JoBo is the intimate and delightful escape after a long journey, a day of strolling, visiting museums, and fabulous shopping to be found in this multi-faceted part of old Paris.

Homage to Rose Tascher de la Pagerie

The interior design of this 4-star hotel, which was built on the remains of a 17th-century convent and, somewhat ironically, faces the Hôtel de Chavigny, which Napoleon transformed into a fire station, was entrusted to Bambi Sloan. Bambi Sloan had mischievous fun blurring the lines in an eruption of roses, every possible tone of pink, lozenge-shaped motifs, arrows and marquetry of the period.

The tone is set from the moment one passes through the carriage entrance. The Napoleonic-style tent is entirely designed to evoke Joséphine the lover rather than the battlefields of her husband. It welcomes the visitor beneath a shower of roses originally painted by Redouté in the rose-garden at Malmaison. Without ever stumbling into historical pastiche or over-attachment to the past, Bambi Sloan reinterprets the style of the Directoire with humour and the touch of Rock n Roll that characterises her work.

For the wall coverings of the hotel’s boudoir like rooms, Bambi went through the archives of French textile manufacturers Le Manach, finding treasures with wonderfully evocative names. La Cocarde, Roses et Dentelles, La Folie Monceau were reprinted exclusively for her by its parent company Maison Pierre Frey. And last but not least, Joséphine would certainly approve Bambi’s choice of her beloved Somalian leopard print.

All the carpets were specially designed by Bambi Sloan for the Hôtel de JoBo: leopard print carpets sprinkled with roses for the bar, lounges and reception, a bed of roses for the corridors, trompe l’oeil marquetry parquet for the rooms. Bambi Sloan decorated all the exposed beams as would befit Joséphine, and reinterprets century old wall paper prints discovered in museums to dress the walls and sometimes even the ceilings with roses, birds and black swans, like those on the lake at Malmaison.

"Incroyable" Room

“Incroyable” Room

"Incroyable" Room

“Incroyable” Room

"Sans culotte" Room

“Sans culotte” Room

"Sans culotte" Room

“Sans culotte” Room

"Gourmandise" Room

“Gourmandise” Room

"Gourmandise" Room

“Gourmandise” Room

"Merveilleuse" Room

“Merveilleuse” Room

"Merveilleuse" Room

“Merveilleuse” Room


Rivieras in love with Pierre Frey


The brand “Rivieras” is famous for its colorful espadrilles. The concept of Rivieras is simple : Espadrilles that we can wear throughout the year, modern while maintaining spirit of the 50′s and available in a lot of color with impeccable quality.

In occasion of the Exhibition PARIS! at Le Bon Marché (As we already spoke here), the brand created two exclusivity : Shoes “Jardin des plantes” and “Versailles” with Pierre Frey fabrics.

The Exhibition Bon Marché Rive Gauche


After Brazil, Japan and Brooklyn, it’s a walk in an emergent, secret and unusual Paris that offers Le bon Marché Rive Gauche.

Trend scout, the Parisian department store presents new designers who claim “Made in Paris”, revive the know-how and local crafts, insist on  respect for manual labor, transmission, neighbourhood life, manufactured in small quantities  , and use beautiful materials, like workshops and stalls of past centuries.

For the Exhibition PARIS!, Le bon marché Rive gauche also plays intermediaries  to create something unexpected and unique.

Pierre Frey, emblematic figure of the Parisian decoration for 80 years, gives carte blanche to a few iconic brands, to choose fabrics that will dress their creations.

The choice of the pattern, sometimes sober or very exuberant such as Spring court sneakers,  Riviera Boots , Philippe Model cushions or Cinabre Bow ties, ties and Wallets.

Expo Paris BM - HD-4

If you are in Paris, Go for it!


Bow tie Cinabre X Pierre Frey

Bow tie Cinabre X Pierre Frey


Wallet Cinabre X Pierre Frey

Wallet Cinabre X Pierre Frey


Jacquard Baskets Spring Court X Pierre Frey

Jacquard Spring Court X Pierre Frey

Cinabre tie X Pierre Frey

Cinabre tie X Pierre Frey

Le Panache cap X Pierre Frey

Le Panache cap X Pierre Frey

AD interior 2016


Monnaie de Paris is hosting the 7th edition of the AD Intérieurs exhibition, which this year is dedicated to collections.

The major names in interior architecture and design are coming to the Monnaie de Paris which, since 2008, has presented in its salons exhibitions dedicated to contemporary creation and the artists of today. High quality décor, objects and furniture, made by the best artisans will take their place in the row of 18th century salons of Monnaie de Paris and will echo the work of the art workshops of Parisian manufacturing and their artisans, who produce exceptional objects out of precious metals.

Fabrics : La maison Pierre Frey

Fabrics : La maison Pierre Frey

Since then, each year, in September, around ten talents selected by the editors each produce a living space (living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) illustrating their savoir-faire as much as their style. Surrounding themselves with the best craftsmen (painters, upholsterers, fresco painters, etc.), they celebrate quality decoration. A real showcase of trades, this unique exhibition allows the general public to “truly” discover spaces that are usually reserved for the pages of the magazine.

In a short time, the AD Intérieurs exhibition has become one of the great cultural rendezvous of the return from summer holidays in Paris.

The exhibition revolves around the collection: Whether it is about building relationships between works of art, creating a set of objects around a theme or assembling a family of documents, a collection always tells of a passion. There are also stories, those of the one who assembled them in the first place; and those of both aesthetic and technical evolutions of an object. The editors of the AD magazine therefore requested from the interior architects present in this new edition to organise their décor around groups of objects that are close to their hearts. Rather than a traditional cabinet of curiosities, they are asked to arrange bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or offices, with the idea of living among their intimate treasures.

Tristan Auer, a very well known french architect in charge of famous project such as the renovation of Coco Chanel’s appartment in rue Cambon, or the inauguration of famous parisian night club Les bains douches , has chosen to use Pierre Frey’s fabrics in his décor : “the dressing of a dandy”.

New linen “Craft”


A sublime fabric in heavy linen, the «Craft» model features all the sophistication expected from this exceptional material in a «vintage» treatment for a stylishly bohemian look. Available in a broad range of more than thirty powdery shades, it adds a touch of pastel color that blends perfectly into a subtle decorative scheme. The fabric also plays on contrast. The irregular linen treads add verve and a distinctive style. But it is also supple and comfortable thanks to a «stonewashed» treatment that gives it a patina and softens its movement. Exceptional hold, stability and remarkable hand and drape: this linen has all the advantages and is equally beautiful as curtains or for seating.




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