Showrooms, 2019 Decors



_AET7307Roman sofa in Teddy, curtains in the new print “Obsidienne”

The new decors of Pierre Frey’s showrooms embody the 2019 collections of fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, carpets and furniture of the House. 


_AET7290Charles sofa in Viggo, curtains in the new Pierre Frey embroideries  “Wokabi”
 _AET7297Axel armchair in Esteban, curtains in the new Pierre Frey print “Pachira”
_AET7302 Alfred sofa in Marin, curtains in the new print “Pachira”, cushions in the new wool  “Mombasa”
_AET7342Blandine armchair in Shabby, new Pierre Frey wallpaper “Vahiné” 
_AET7327Aristide sofa in Yeti, curtains in the new embroideries “Wokabi”
_AET7330 Boussac decor
_AET7338Sofa in Yeti, cushion in the new Boussac weaving”Woodstock”, new “Fever” rug from Boussac
_AET7333Tokyo sofa in Judith, new Boussac rug “Fever”, cushions in the new Boussac “Marin” (velvet) and “Woodstock”
_AET7319Faust armchair in Fine velvet, curtains in the new Boussac printed linen “Fever”



_AET7379The furniture showroom of Pierre Frey
 Stockholm sofa in Scarlette, new Pierre Frey wallpaper “Ayo”_AET7374
cushion in “Yeti”
_AET7371cushion in Yeti wool and new velvet Marin 
cushion in the new velvet “Baltazar”_AET7396
Roseline sofa in the velvet Opera, cushion in the new Boussac printed linen “Tempo” and the new velvet “Baltazar” from Pierre Frey



images Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
Decors by Christèle Ageorges for Boussac and Véronique Villaret for Pierre Frey

Custom-made rugs for the 9Confidential Hotel by Starck


Hotel 9Confidentiel Paris_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_01_TA-sur mesure-Axminster_©courtesy of the hotel-modgroundfloor

Designed by STARCK, the 9Confidentiel hotel in Paris just opened its doors. The realization of the rugs and carpets has been given to the Maison Pierre Frey. 

Composed of drawings from the 40′s given by Philippe Starck (S+), the rugs and carpets of the 9Confidentiel are a strong signature to the hotel’s identity.
In the bedrooms, each rug has a large drawing hand tufted in wool 100%. Every composition is unique with a placed pattern, making each room single. A true freedom comes out of the associations of geometric shapes and figurative elements with a sharp line, contrasted.

Hotel 9Confidentiel Paris_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_03_TA-sur mesure-Tuft laine_©courtesy of the hotellegbedroom
Hotel 9Confidentiel Paris_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_00_TA-sur mesure-Axminster_©courtesy of the hotellegcorridor

The corridors, lobbys and elevator have Axminster rugs. They represent the infinite repetition of an arabesque pattern which thus appears almost as the hotel’s emblem. The loops with a shaded outline on a textured background run in the hotel like a banner of passementrie.

Hotel 9Confidentiel Paris_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_02_TA-surmesure-Axminster_©courtesy of the hotelleg
the floor corridor 

With the 9Confidentiel hotel, Pierre Frey’s Creative Studio of rugs & carpets testifies its expertise in the realization of custom-made projects, here true to the original concept of Philippe Starck. Exceptional creations for a fantastic and spectacular hotel.


Hotel 9Confidentiel Paris_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_04_TA-sur mesure-tuf laine_©courtesy of the hotellight Hotel 9Confidentiel Paris_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_05_TA-sur mesure-tuf laine_©Philippe Garcialightlobby

Rugs and carpets realized by Maison Pierre Frey -  copyright and original creation Philippe Starck – for the 9Confidentiel hotel / image ©Philippe Garcia



Pierre Frey’s furniture workshops realized the seats that the famous French creator Philippe Starck designed  to go with its modernist and warm decoration of the Brach Hotel.


Hotel BRACH_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_00_Mob-Narcisse Bridge+sofa_©GdeLaubier


In the 16th district of Paris, the Brach is, according to Starck, “a place of life and culture rather than an hotel”. Inside a wide building from the 70s of more than 7000 square meters, the designer was invited to create freely a very original space.

The decoration of the hotel conveys a warm and friendly atmosphere. The place is full of references to art and travel. Warm colours, natural and rough materials such as wood, leather, marble or concrete, are associated with a selection of art objects from the modernist, dada and surrealist styles. 

The seats designed by Starck – including 30′s-inspired bridges, chairs, and armchairs – have all been produced by the expert craftsmen of Pierre Frey’s workshops. Their geometric lines carefully assembled in brushed oak perfectly match with the whole generous, inventive and cheerful place.  


leg-Hotel BRACH_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_01_Mob-Narcisse Bridge+sofa_©GdeLaubier


Hotel BRACH_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_02_Mob-sofa_©GdeLaubier


Hotel BRACH_Philippe Starck_Paris FR_03_Mob-sofa_©GdeLaubier



images ©GdeLaubier
Hôtel Brach – 1-7 rue Jean Richepin – Paris 16

The Princess and the Pea of Braquenié’s collections



This year, Maison Pierre Frey presented the new Braquenié Comptoir d’Orient and Compagnie des Indes collections in a setting inspired by the famous tale of the Princess and the Pea.
In pictures ! 


Princess and the pea_Braquenie 2019_A4 encadre _AET7229 _AET7209leg_AET7226_AET7228_AET7231leg _AET7255 _AET7273 _AET7285_AET7424 _AET7444leg _AET7467 _AET7472 _AET7476 _AET7483 _AET7495 _AET7497 _AET7505 _AET7509 _AET7515 _AET7518 _AET7521 _AET7546


Style Anne Pericchi-Draeger
Images Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

Pierre Frey launches a new Furniture Collection


 PF_CANAPE_SOFA_FAUTEUIL_ARMCHAIR_ARISTIDE_BOLD_V“Aristide” sofa and armchair, upholstered with “Bold” velvet 

In this early 2019, Maison Pierre Frey unveils its new furniture collection.

An ambitious project, the result of more than a year’s work after the takeover of one of the French oldest furniture manufacturers located in Villers-Cotterêts in the upper reaches of France.

Maison Pierre Frey has taken care to offer an artistic line that reflects the image of its other professions: demanding, based on traditional know-how, worked with high-quality materials and faithful to its eclectic identity. The furniture collection thus presents more than 200 models produced mostly in France, from the classic to the most contemporary style, to which is added a custom-made design offer.The special attention paid to tapestry highlights the House’s unique textile expertise, which makes these pieces the true ambassadors of its creations.

The Maison Pierre Frey reconnects with its filiation to René Prou, interior architect and product designer. As a central figure in the Art Deco movement, René Prou bears witness to a rich and renowned  work,  from  the  interiors of the Orient Express to his many furniture collections with their distinctive, elegant and refined style.


PF_CANAPE_SOFA_ALFRED_MARIN“Alfred” sofa upholstered with Boussac “Marin” wool velvet
“Faust” armchair upholstered with Pierre Frey “Fine” velvet
“Gregoire” bench upholstered with Pierre Frey “Alisea” 
PF_CHAUFFEUSE_SLIPPER CHAIR_TINA 813_MEDIUM VIGGO“Tina” heated chairs upholstered with Pierre Frey “Medium” and “Viggo” velvets
PF_CANAPE BANQUETTE_ARMLESS SOFA_STOCKHOLM 912_SCARLETTE“Stockholm” armless sofa in Pierre Frey “Scarlette”wool
“Flore” armchair in Pierre Frey “Loggia”
PF_CANAPE_SOFA_ROMAN 2P_TEDDY“Roman” sofa upholstered with Pierre Frey “Teddy” mohair velvet
“Adrien” convertible sofa upholstered with Pierre Frey “Artigny”
“Rebecca” sofa upholstered with Pierre Frey “Duke” velvet
PF_FAUTEUIL_ARMCHAIR_AXEL_GASPARD_ESTEBAN“Axel” cane chairs upholstered with the rustic Pierre Frey weaving “Esteban”
PF_CANAPE_SOFA_BUENOS AIRES 803_TEDDY“Buenos Aires” sofa upholstered with Pierre Frey mohair velvet “Teddy”
PF_BERGERE_FAUTEUIL_TABOURET_BELLECOUR 3300 2300 5320_ARSENE“Bellecour” armchairs and stool upholstered with Pierre Frey linen “Arsène”
“Knowles” sofa detail in Pierre Frey “Georges” velvet
CANAPE_SOFA_CHARLES 875_VIGGO_2P_1“Charles” cane sofa upholstered with Pierre Frey velvet “Viggo”
Redimensionnement de Ateliers de Villers Cotterêt 17 © DDemeyDrawings from the archives of Villers-Cotterêts workshops
“Agathe” headbed upholstered with Pierre Frey print “Les Rocheuses”
2CANAPE BANQUETTE_ARMLESS SOFA_TOKYO 481_JUDITH_4P_2“Tokyo” sofa upholstered with Pierre Frey wool “Judith”
bUSINE 11the furniture workshops at Villers-Cotterêts
FAUTEUIL_ARMCHAIR_BUENOS AIRES 803_TEDDY_2“Buenos Aires”  armchair upholstered with Pierre Frey velvet “Viggo”
“Emilie” stool bar upholstered with Pierre Frey outdoor “Honolulu”
“Heloise” chairs upholstered with Braquenié “Okinawa”

Tapissage du fauteuil Prou 39 -® DdemeyFurniture workshop at Villers-Cotterêts

“Victor” sofa upholstered with Pierre Frey “Candice”
“Colombie” armchair upholstered with Le Manach Toile de Tours “Api”. Design adapted from the original René Prou’s


Images from the furniture shooting ©Philippe Garcia for Maison Pierre Frey



by architect-decorator
Michael Malapert

CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_00_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula

At Grands Boulevards, CIN CIN is a radiant and acidulated canteen where pasta and pizze are queens.
Michael Malapert, the interior architect and decorator, confesses to IDEAT Magazine that the place is inspired by the Italian seaside resorts of the 70′s, the blinds of its ice cream stores, the parasols of its beaches… A light and joyful Italy légère et joyeuse, a wind of freshness with summer notes
. His choices in terms of furniture are welcoming : round and generous shapes are found in the seatings, lightings, alcoves… The cozy atmosphere is however livened up with pop colours, bright and spicy, especially on walls punctuated with graphic lines. The PAOLO mango and cactus fabrics bring a dynamic semi-plain, a micro-pattern that animates the surface of the seats and echoes to the stripes in a smaller scale. The Cin Cin restaurant brights.

CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_01_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé GozulaCIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_04_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula-leg


« It is not only about being beautiful in a classical sense, it is more about being visually impacting ! »  Michael Malapert

CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_02_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula


CIN CIN_Agence Michael Malapert_Paris FR_03_T-PF-Paolo_©Hervé Gozula-leg

“Paolo” cactus & mango, semi-plain fabric 

> Cin Cin. 9, boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 Paris.

Image ©Hervé Gozula

Backstage of the making of the Oversized Chair for PARIS DECO OFF 2019


Photo 20-12-2018 17 37 45

For the 10th edition of PARIS DECO OFF, several oversized furniture have been realized and upholstered with outdoor fabrics.

THE OVERSIZED CHAIR has been realized by the furniture ateliers of La Maison Pierre Frey. It is the enlargement of a design from the new 2019 collections.

It represents between 80 to 100 hours of production for 2 to 4 craftsmen + 8 to 10 hours for 2 craftsmen to make the technical drawings !


Photo 21-12-2018 21 11 47Photo 20-12-2018 17 38 04




Paris Deco Off 10th edition takes place from January 17 to 21 2019 in our Parisian showrooms and around.

  • At the occasion, our Parisian showrooms have been entirely redesigned and we unveil new wide decors created from the new fabric and wallpaper collections Pierre Frey, Boussac and Braquenié.

  •  The furniture ateliers of Maison Pierre Frey have also worked on a very special oversized chair, set up on the Saint Pères Place during all Paris Deco Off.

  • Maison Pierre Frey has also provided the fabrics for the lamps hanging on the streets of Paris Deco Off. One of our “Moorea” outdoor weaving is integrated in the patchwork lining the oversized sofa of 6 meters located Place Saint Germain des Prés, and several samples of our last 2019 linen are presented at Galerie de l’Echaudé in the Dream Lab organized for the first time this year by Masters of Linen.

Showroom Pierre Frey : 27, rue du Mail – 75002 PARIS
Showroom Braquenié : 3, rue de Furstenberg – 75006 PARIS
Showroom “Meublier” : 1-2, rue de Furstenberg – 75006 PARIS
9.30am – 7.30pm

_AET7199leg _AET7346leg _AET7408leg _AET7444leg

Style by Anne Pericchi-Draeger for Braquenié & Véronique Villaret for Pierre Frey
Images by Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
More images to come !



Several unique designs of rugs and carpets have been created by our studio to go with the 2019 new Fabric and Wallpaper Collections from Pierre Frey, Braquenié and Boussac.
Discover them ! 

La Maison Pierre Frey designs custom-made rugs and carpets for your needs. From adapting our own motifs in the right techniques and dimensions according to your needs to conceiving exclusive new designs especially for your projects, our rugs and carpets are only produced on request.



PF MIXandMATCHlegmix and match of “Tribu” rugs and carpets 
Pierre Frey PP1162legHissa rug
Pierre Frey PP1165legHissa rug detail
PF plissélegMaliha, Panya, Ama, Dajan
Pierre Frey PP1176legHawa rug
Pierre Frey PP1184legHawa rug detail




Tapis Fever Plan Large VlegFever rug
Gros Plan Tapie Fever VFever rug detail
BOUSSAC MIXandMATCH1legMix and match of “Imagine” rugs and carpets
BOUSSAC plissélegWinds carpet, Joy and Tempo rugs





18PF2046-PEKIN-YD-23Fleurs de Pékin rug, detail
18PF2046-PEKIN-YD-19Fleurs de Pékin rug
BRAQUENIE MIXandMATCHlegMix and match of “Comptoir d’Orient” rugs and carpets
BRAQUENIE plissé2legJaipur and Bangalore rugs, Marigny carpet
TAPIS-BANGALORE-YD-12Bangalore rug
TAPIS-BANGALORE-YD-25Bangalore rug, detail
MOQUETTE-LOSANGE-YD-42Aristote carpet
MOQUETTE-LOSANGE-YD-55Aristote carpet, detail


Images by Philippe Garcia (Pierre Frey), Romain Ricard (Boussac), Yves Duronsoy (Braquenié)



Sans titre-12The new 2019 Braquenié Wallpaper Collection


COMPAGNIE DES INDES   is an ode to exoticism, a major theme in 18th century decorative arts. Exotic flowers, pineapples and chinoiseries embody this attraction for the rest of the world, which began in the 16th century with imports from the Ottoman Empire, India, Persia and China. These distant lands fascinate Europeans who are seduced by this dreamy exoticism.

The bold combination of printing techniques and textured substrates in powdery but also powerful colors contrast with the traditional 18th century pastel tones we have been accustomed to. 




 A large selection of archives held by Maison Pierre Frey are here reinterpreted, embellished and adapted to wall decoration.




This collection, with its exclusive designs and coordinated wall silk range, is in harmony with the fabrics of the COMPTOIR D’ORIENT collection. By playing with scale, color and pattern, Braquenié exposes the timelessness of its heritage while giving it a new impetus. 

This redefining of the Age of Enlightenment will equally reassure purists and undoubtedly seduce younger generations, who are in love with colors and spectacular designs.


La Comédie
La Comédie is inspired from an original archive of a  block-printed stage costum in paper, France, XVIIIth century
B_Chasuble Comédie_Hmodleg
La Vallière up, La Comédie down



La Pannonie
Toile des Indes
Shaolin up, Fleurs Anciennes down
Le Paravent Chinois
Les Rizières de Shangbao up, Odissi down
Odissi wallpaper is designed from the Archive of a French silk with a printed warp from the XIXth century


Les Ombrelles up, La Pannonie down


Les Ombrelles is designed from the archive of a printed cotton canvas from the XIXth century, inspiration XVIIIth century
A la Table du Roi
A la Table du Roi is adapted from the archive of a wooden block-printed cotton canvas from the XVIIIth century, France

B_A la table du Roi_H2leg


Les Médaillons Chinois up, Le Paravent Chinois down
Shiva, silk wallcovering
Fleurs Anciennes
Panoramic wallpaper Le Paradis aux Milles Fleurs



Style by Anne Pericchi-Draeger, image by Yves Duronsoy
Braquenié 2019

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