Trend 2018 : The Ultra-Violet and its History / The Archives’s Gazette


The year 2018 sacred of Ultra Violet is coming to an end. Before celebrating the Living Coral color announced by Pantone as the new 2019 major trend, let’s have a look back on this enigmatic and mesmerizing hue throughout history. Deep and changing colour, resulting from different mixtures over time, nuance both adulated and hated, the ultra-violet retains a strong identity full of eloquence and mystery …

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The Ultra-Violet :

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 The new Carine Gilson‘s flagship store by David/Nicolas honors Pierre Frey’s wallpaper and fabrics

Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_00_T-_©Frederik Vercruysseleg


The duo David/Nicolas sign the first flagship of the luxury lingery brand Carine Gilson.

Famous for their high end custom-made interiors and furniture, the Lebanese duo David/Nicolas inaugurates their first flagship store for the luxury lingery brand Carine Gilson in Brussels. The designers have conceived a contemporary boudoir, finely finished in order to embody the sophisticated delicacy of the underwear collections of the Belgian designer. The space surrounds man with a soft and intimate sensation which is extremely refined thanks to the choice of the materials. The polished shine of brass, the elegance of marble and the warmth of wood come to match the subtlety of  the silk wallcovering “Zia” and the haptic light of the “Medium” velvets blush and celadon which upholster the furniture pieces. The store is sensual and tactile as the delicate, silky and satiny clothes it represents. Elegant and feminine, the place pays tribute to the beautiful and thin laces.


Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_01_T-_ ©Frederik Vercruysse

This timeless and ultra-sophisticated project is a tribute to la Maison Pierre Frey and its products : the pearl grey wallcovering “ZIA” brings a soft atmosphere with the neutral tone of its silk pannels.  The velvets “Medium” blush and celadon embody the color palette, which is very nude and natural. They give a comfortable softness to the space with their skin’s touch, emphasizing the intimacy and sensoriality of the lingery store.

Thought down to the smallest detail, the place is marked by a recurring decorative element, a specially created emblem found in the details of furniture finishes or in the design of the handles. It is a stylized brass wing carved with infinite precision by a precious goldsmith workshop in Italy.


Medium blush and celadon

Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_02_T-PF-MEDIUM Celadon_©F VercruysselegCarine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_04_PP-PF-ZIA Galet_©Frederik VercruysseCarine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_05_PP-PF-ZIA Galet_©Frederik Vercruysse

Carine Gilson Boutique_David&Nicolas_Bruxelles BE_03_PP-PF-ZIA Galet_©Frederik Vercruysse


image (c)Frederik Verkruysse

O.Joannen, Pierre Frey’s master weaver honored Knight of the Arts and Letters


Pierre Frey’s Master weaver Olivier Joannen honored Knight of the Arts and Letters

Artisans Comité Colbert 2018  © Julio Piatti

Thanks to the Comité Colbert, whose aim is to valorise excellent craftsmanship to give young people a will for heritage, Olivier Joannen has been honored Knight of the Arts and Letters.

To maintain inherited know-hows from the XIXth century is an evidence for the Maison Pierre Frey as its wish is to preserve the French excellence heritage.  Thus, it is with great pride that it sees the exceptional work of his talented weaver honored.

Olivier Joannen started at 17 years old to learn the work of handweaver, a particularly rare craft today that he is now the only one to master at the Maison Pierre Frey. Teached by a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” and a Master of Art, he became years after years a skilled expert in this field. He first learned  how to knot different kind of yarns before mastering the use of the looms, from the simpliest which is the dobby loom that makes plain fabrics, to the most complicated which is the Jacquard loom, allowing the realization of specific patterns such as the iron velvet, the damask, lampas and the brocatelle.


It is on one of those Jacquard looms from 1850 that Olivier Joannen works, settled in the heart of Pierre Frey weaving atelier certificated Living Heritage Company/ Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, in Montigny en Cambrésis, in France.

The work of Olivier Joannen is extremely complexe. It is not only a technical prowess but also a human adventure as the weaver involves himself physically and morally in the making of his fabrics. Like a still walker, he constantly presses on the treadles in order to raise the warp yarns and then, with his arm, places the irons and throw the shuttle with the weft yarn inside. The sumptuous fabric was slowly born from these repetitive gestures which need both strength and delicacy, requirement and patience.

Above the fabric, we see the intimate relationship that links the craftsman to his work and which makes this one unique.

Rouleau velours Tigre tissage à bras © Marina Créaleg2

Some EXTRAORDINARY statistics!
• For 1 meter of cutted velvet producted in one day, the weaver
gives 4200 treadles kicks, introduces 600 irons by hand and
1200 weft passages with the shuttle ; He gives 1800 movements with the reed, he cuts 600 times the rabot yarns and extracts the 600 irons after cut.
9742 warp yarns are disposed on the loom in 65 cm wide, meaning 150 warp yarns per centimeter.
1 week is the time needed to set up the loom for the weaver for a new weaving project with new colours.
• Olivier Joannen weaves around 200 meters of silk velvet per year  with one meter a day, whereas a weaver working with industrial electronic techniques can produce until 500 meters a day by driving 10 machines simultaneously.

Tissage velours Tigre  © Dorothée Demeyleg

The Presentation of the Medals of the Order of the Knights of Arts and Letters was organized with the Comité Colbert and the Minister of Culture on November 8, 2018

Comit+®_Colbert-®_Julio_Piatti_ Remise_Arts_et_Lettres_8_novembre_2018-11Olivier Joannen and Franck Riester, French Minister of Culture – ©Julio Piatti

Comit+®_Colbert-®_Julio_Piatti_ Remise_Arts_et_Lettres_8_novembre_2018-21

All Nominees to the Knights of Arts and Letters and Franck Riester, Minister of Culture - ©Julio Piatti


The fantastic Saint Joseph’s Arts Society by Ken Fulk


legKen Fulk - Church8476

The famous American decorator Ken Fulk is renowned for his luxurious, always incredible projects. The Virginia-born creator has built his reputation by his concept of designing “experiences“, from exuberant interiors to unforgettable events.

 The launch of the Saint Joseph’s Arts Society is marking a step in Ken Fulk’s engagement to offer rarefied experiences. The decorator has given birth to a huge and versatile space totally dedicated to the community  of Arts lovers. The place includes library, exhibition spaces, settings for performances, coffee/cocktail bar and private salons offering VIP lounge access. The concept is simple : the access is open to subscribers and their invited artists. Those last ones have to contribute with their creative participation while being exempt of fees.

legKen Fulk - Church8631

Added to this incredible place is the fact that St. Joseph’s Arts Society is housed in a 22,000-square-foot National Landmark church in the heart of San Francisco. Founded in 1861, this religious architecture was abandoned after the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989. The decrepit building has been bought by Ken Fulk and two other partners, thus completely restored according to its Romanesque history and preserving its original character. A freestanding steel mezzanine has been constructed independently and offers 9,000 square feet more to the church.

All Saint Joseph’s upholstery and drapery has been made with La Maison Pierre Frey fabrics, including 600 yards of the iconic “Grand Corail” handprinted linen to enclose the private salons in the heart of the church, giving its identity to the space.

Saint Joseph’s Arts Society is a place of constant celebration for fine art, design, food, fashion, literature and performance. The place offers multi-disciplinary arts programming, performances, immersive dinners as well as a collectible design gallery and curated retail experiences.

legKen Fulk - Church8619 legKen Fulk - Church8360 legKen Fulk - Church8435 legKen Fulk - Church8422pictures by Douglas Friedman



Le Conti Restaurant


A unique carpet adapted from the famous Braquenié embroidery “Le Rocher” for Le Conti Restaurant in Paris

Located between Etoile and Trocadéro, Le Conti restaurant was already a must adress for the amateurs of Italian gastronomy and  admirers of the wooden luxurious ancient Venetian theaters. The place has made a new skin this year by addressing young French-Lebanon interior architect Bilal Deshayes.

Le Conti_Bilal Deshayes_Paris FR_03_TA-B-Le Rocher_©Pierre Frey


 After starting his career with Laura Gonzalez, famous figure of the current Parisian decoration world, Bilal opens his studio in 2016 and successfully achieves several interiors of Parisian restaurants, all accomplished with the same care on crafts details and a taste for classicism, respectful of History, elegant and timeless.

The Le Conti restaurant is the same. Bilal Deshayes has respect the original identity of the warm and intimate place which, according to him, “already owned a true soul“.



Faithful to this spirit and to the desire of refreshing the place without distorting it, the decorator sought to highlight the classicism of the restaurant by assembling more neutral contemporary elements to traditional ones. The woods are lacquered in black, walls are painted with an emperor red and, true signature, the decorator calls on La Maison Pierre Frey for the design of a made-to-measure carpet covering the entire floor of the place.



Thanks to the advices of La Maison Pierre Frey’s experts, the iconic Braquenié embroidery “Le Rocher” has been chosen for being transposed in the carpet’s pattern. The result is splendid and testifies the talent of Pierre Frey’s carpet design Studio to transpose drawings and techniques in convincing pieces.





Hotel Relais de Chambord_Wilmotte Associés_Chambord FR_01_T-PF-FINE F3210031 tete de lit_©AE Thion-legrelais de chambord logo

Le Relais de Chambord makes a new skin in Pierre Frey

Freshly restored with respect for its historical heritage, Le Relais de Chambord presents a contemporary decor perfectly integrated in the classical architecture of the monument. The Pierre Frey velvet selected in shades of burgundy and carmine evoke the nobility of the splendid Château de Chambord facing the Hotel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Used for the curtains, the Gio weaving and its glossy reflections bring brightness and brilliance to this exceptional place.


Hotel Relais de Chambord_Wilmotte Associés_Chambord FR_05 contexte_©AE Thion

Hotel Relais de Chambord_Wilmotte Associés_Chambord FR_03_T-FB-GIO I6586002 rideaux_©AE Thion-legThe curtains are made with the jacquard-woven GIO from Fadini Borghi

Hotel Relais de Chambord_Wilmotte Associés_Chambord FR_00_T-PF-FINE F3210031 lit + 030 siege_©AE Thionseat and bed-board upholstered in FINE fire and wire

images (c)Anne-Emmanuelle Thion




For this new edition of AD Interiors, the decoration rendez-vous organized by the magazine AD in Paris, the theme is “Rough and precious”. The event aims to promote the best talents of contemporary decoration. This year, it presents a selection of 15 agencies from the youngest to the most confirmed. The exhibition draws its richness from the gathering of varied styles: from minimalism to classical or baroque to the most conceptual or arty, all are the facets of our time. Four of these groups of interior designers have asked the Maison Pierre Frey to participate in their “carte blanche” to design very unique rooms.

From September 5th to 23th, at Hôtel de la Bûcherie 15, rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris.


Oito Emponto

A custom-made rug and the marbled jacquard weaving “Marmo”, icon of the latest Galatea collection by Fadini Borghi 

AD Intérieurs_2018 _OitoEmponto_© Jérôme Galland_lightAD Intérieurs_2018 _OitoEmponto_© Jérôme Galland_7light


Laura Gonzalez, Agence Pravda Arkitect

A printed velvet realized on request from the drawing of the decorator to create the curtains of this large space.

474A4284light 474A4241light

Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman

An incredible and very unique wallpaper, especially conceived and produced for the needs of the two designers’s room. The funny “monsters” pattern cover both the ceiling and the walls.

©Marie Desmarquest 7light

©Marie Desmarquest 6light

Humbert & Poyet

Toiles de Tours weavings, velvets and the very new “Yeti” wool upholster the space of the decorators, from the wooden screen to the seats.

HP_AD_ 20_FAlight HP_AD_ 3_FAlight


Oito Emponto : ©Jérôme Galland
Laura Gonzalez – Pravda Arkitect :©Matthieu Salvaing
Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman : ©Marie Desmarquest
Humbert & Poyet : ©Francis Amiand

The Snake, symbol of the new capsule collection with Victoria-Maria Geyer



Les Venimeuses

a capsule collection with the Belgian interior designer Victoria-Maria Geyer

The Belgian decorator Victoria-Maria Geyer is an inveterate lover of fabrics, materials and ornamentation. She is also an unconditional fan of The House of Pierre Frey, the fabric editor, who’s eclectic collections she often uses on her projects across Europe. It is therefore very natural that she would choose to present her sketches -fruits of her overflowing creativity- to Patrick Frey, artistic director of the House of Pierre Frey and historically known for working closely with artists. Immediately seduced by the motifs of snakes, a subject not often seen in the world of decoration, he agrees to edit them.


a daring collection

Working on a collection around the snake is a daring but thoughtful choice of Victoria-Maria Geyer who appreciates the symbolic. An innate femininity and a mystical power surround this animal, which has long seduced the worlds of fashion and jewelry. The serpent intrigues by its curves and fascinates as much as it is feared.

VM_FREY56637 1B



The collection consists of two designs declined in rust, night blue or «gun cannon», a range of colors dear to the decorator. One, in the spirit of the 18th century engraved animal planks, is made up of three snakes embroidered on a thick linen canvas.

Redimensionnement de F3344001_VENIMEUSESVM_FREY56745

The second is made up of Ouroboros, snakes biting their tail, a very ancient symbol representing the eternal cycle of life, self-fertilization and the fact of finding in oneself its own creativity. Hypnotic, printed in all-over, it exists in fabric and wallpaper.

Redimensionnement de F3343001_OROBOUROSVM_FREY56682 2

As Patrick Frey likes to repeat and Victoria-Maria will not deny, «creating means daring». With this collection, let’s dare to give back to the serpent its letters of nobility!


IMG_0317legRedimensionnement de F3344002_VENIMEUSES

Les Venimeuses, capsule collection La Maison Pierre Frey x Victoria-Maria Geyer, september 2018


The new Natecru collection, a focus on wide-width fabrics


Natecru, a wide range of wide-width and very refined fabrics 


With the new NATECRU collection, Pierre Frey proposes an exercise in style by voluntarily restricting color palettes. After Natecru linen, Natecru wool and Natecru silk, this new collection focuses on wide width fabrics (approximately three meters wide).


Natural materials like linen or cotton are highlighted, and Trevira CS fabrics with an amazingly natural look complete the collection. A variety of weaves and embroideries makes for a broad selection of looks ranging from raw and rustic to sophisticated, contemporary and timeless. Whether evanescent, dense or structured, these fabrics mark a break with preconceived notions.



This collection, which includes intricate sheers, plains, delicate piqués and jacquards with striped, geometric or more traditional patterns, is a new take on wide-width fabrics and offers a broad range of materials and textures.







New Prints !


September : new prints !

This September sees the launching of various new prints in the collections of the House, strong, colourful and unique, to sublimate your interiors.

Asian and zen ambiance is given by Kyoto, a watercolor pattern… 

F3335001_KYOTO F3335001_KYOTO_rideau

Cocorico brings a strong and figurative drawing which is almost abstract with the assumed diffuse gesture of the paint stroke.

F3336001_COCORICO F3336001_COCORICO_rideau


The somptuous print Les Rocheuses makes you travel in a landscape of rocks and waterfalls where the eye is lost in the details…




Subtile and delicate are the touches of NuancesF3338001_NUANCES_rideau



Taraz, Le Manach iconic archive, now exists in 3 colors… 

TARAZ 23L4560001_TARAZ_rideauTARAZ 1

Photo 20-12-2018 17 37 45

Backstage of the making of the Oversized Chair for PARIS DECO OFF 2019

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Gros Plan Tapie Fever V


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