Created in 1829, Le Manach has always cultivated an unconditional love for traditional refinement and French craftsmanship. This house has a unique heritage, reproducing textile archives, the oldest of which date back to the Renaissance. Le Manach was acquired by Pierre Frey in 2014 with the aim of preserving its historical wealth, to develop French fabrics and as of recent, wallpapers. The rich heritage of Le Manach textiles is a treasure that some will recognize with deep emotion. Others will be charmed by the fine and delicate reinterpretations of Le Manach fabric designs, great examples from the golden age of the house.

This first collection of Le Manach wallpapers thus lays the foundation for future collections, which will always remain true to tradition, history, excellence, know-how and unites all the aesthetes. 14 patterns rendered in 54 refined and subtle color tones. For these noble designs, it is imperative that the choice of technique be on a par with the aesthetic quality of the 18th century French patterns. Hand screen printing was the obvious choice.

Used since 1970 for exclusive wallpapers, this artisanal process replaces the traditional wooden block printing. Each design is broken down into a number of colors, each corresponding to a screen that is used like a stencil. The craftsmen position the frame according to reference marks. The paint is drawn across the screen inside the frame to apply the colour to the paper. Printing is executed “wet on dry” involving a long drying time between each color. The craftsmen skip a space to allow for drying. The process is repeated for each color on the design.




Launched in January 2017, the Natecru concept presents a 100% silk line that unwinds a magical, shimmering fiber stretching from Europe to the Far East.
Produced by Bombyx mori larvae raised in a silkworm nursery or by wild butterflies, silk fiber is far from uniform. There is not just one silk, but a multitude of silks, with very different origins, spun and woven in various ways, and with variegated aspects. Among these are noil, doupion, slub, tussar, shantung and organsin.
Natural, shiny and flexible, this fiber is irresistibly attractive. Who has never thrilled to the rustle of silk, with its incomparable feel and shine? This is the unique sensorial experience that Pierre Frey invites you to enjoy with NATECRU SILKS.
Twenty-one fabrics, from raw to sophisticated, come in naturally refined shades of cream, sand and pearl. NATECRU SILKS is a vibrant contemporary tribute to the ancestral art of silk farming.




With MOOREA, Pierre Frey takes over the outdoor world, confirming the success of the preceding “Bayamo” collection. In the same spirit and colors, these indoor/outdoor fabrics play with contrast and offer a new palette of delicate colors and a hint of tartness that is resolutely “deco”. Woven fabrics with many types of raised effects add both resolute modernity and a timeless style. Made in our factory in the north of France, which has been awarded the EPV living heritage company label, this line of fabrics benefits from expertise that is unique in Europe and presents exceptional outdoor characteristics (guarantee of the market’s highest level of resistance to light, stormy weather and abrasion).

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GALATEA, the new Fadini Borghi collection, offers an interpretation of the markings and imprints left by man and nature. Resolutely contemporary, inspiration is derived from several sources, such as informal art, calligraphy and mineralogy. Seemingly contradictory, these notions take root in the same creative impulse: a gesture, whether spontaneous or controlled.

Primarily composed of large-patterned jacquards and plain textures, this precious collection presents abstract motifs that can be interpreted as the markings of natural phenomena or artistic expression. By playing on mineral colors like opaline, malachite, amber, topaz or luminous black, it evokes telluric and spiritual forces with power and refinement.

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Pierre Frey takes us on a journey, to the discovery of a New World, with the enthusiasm and freshness of a tireless curiosity seeker. Popularized by explorers’ notebooks and the Western genre, the first nations of America magnetize with an irresistible attraction.

The ARAPAHOS and GRAND CANYON collection evokes this culture, where Native Americans live in harmony with their environment and carry on a never-ending dialog with the spirit world. It offers a perception of the territory from the Rockies to the Great Plains with a perfect balance between respect and freedom.

Imagination and reinterpretation have taken the lead in the combination of designs and the very modern chromatic range. Colors echo each other, sometimes in traditional ochers and blues, sometimes in bold and contemporary shades, with mixtures of water lily purple, mimosa and emerald green.

Composed of embroideries with geometric patterns, jacquards, stripes and prints, Arapahos proposes a view of the American Far West that is situated somewhere between fantasy and reality (shamanic visions, sun dance, animal worship or traditional textiles)

This tribute is meant to be eclectic, weaving together fantasy and reality. The designs in this collection were created using a variety of techniques such as weaving, embroidery, hand-drawing with pencil, ink or pastel illustrations and screen printing. This range is brought to life using materials and printing techniques such as matte paint and lacquer, end-on-end laminated linen, non-woven paper in an extra-wide format or traditional printing.

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The Webster


Famed concept shop “The Webster” recently opened a new store in Soho, New York. The interior design featured pastel hues of Pierre Frey fabric. The store’s plush velvet seating is a throwback to the original Miami Beach location. The overall concept brings together New York sophistication with the playfulness of South Beach.


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Here comes the empress, the Christmas tree sculpture in celebration of a long lasting collaboration between two family houses: Pierre Frey and Hôtel Costes.

Ornate with embroidered and colourful fabrics, enhanced with voluptuous tulle, she holds court in the reception of Hôtel Costes from Monday 4th December until Thursday 4th January.

239-241 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris

Close up

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Marie Claire Maison 50th Aniversary Pop Up


Marie Claire Maison celebrates its 50th anniversary with a pop-up card illustrated by Eric Giriat. This adoreable artwork uses Pierre Frey fabrics and wallpapers to create a playful and whimsicical scene. You can win one by following Marie Claire Maison and Pierre Frey on Instagram and posting the pop-up with the hashtag #PierreFreyPopUP!

photo 1 pop up (002) photo 2 pop up (002) Pierre Frey 1811 (003)

A Parisian Appartment and Le Manach!


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Le Manach is beautifully highlighted in this Paris apartment amidst a superb collection of furniture and objects!

The decor uses jewel-toned, geometric fabrics throughout the apartment. It sets a tone of refined whimsy that can only be accomplished by the playful mixture of colors and textures.

Pierre Frey rugs were also used in the making of this modern and sophisticated residence.

Photo Credit: Matthieu Salvaing

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Mille Feuille is a restaurant designed by famed interior decorator Claude Cartier. Featured wallpapers include Portor and Bananier which are beautifully highlighted the restaurant’s decor.



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